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2 Ways To Get Paid To Blog

By: Guy Mendelson

Blogging / Forums Blogging used to be strictly for fun. Now it can be profitable as well. As with anything on the Internet it comes down to what you know and how you do it. Let's talk about 2 ways to get paid blogging.

1. There is a huge shortage of bloggers available in this world today. Everywhere you look you will find blogs that have been started and abandoned because the owners just could not keep up with them.

If you like to write this creates a great way for you to become a full time blogger. All you really need to do is determine how much you want to charge and then create a short sales page.

Then to start contacting bloggers all over the world until you build up a clientele of people write for. This also give you an great chance to write about things that interest you.

It is reasonable to think that you can charge two cents a word for your work. An average blog post should be 250 to 300 words.

All you need to do is create a little sales page that says I will write 250 to 300 word blog post for five dollars each. Show a sample of some of your personal articles.

As you build customers create a testimonial page for people to go view. The last thing you need is a PayPal button so people can pay you for their order.

You can also include your email address, so people can contact you for bulk orders. As you get better at this you will find there are people who want to order 10, 20 or even 30 articles at a time.

This makes sense because you're giving them all their content for one month in advance. All you need is a handful of good customers like that to make some good part-time or even full time money blogging.

2. Another thing you can do is blog for yourself and monetize your blog with affiliate programs. Google Adsense ads are excellent to place on your blog because you make money every time someone clicks on one of them.

You can also include products that relate to the theme of your post and make money if someone buys one of those off of your affiliate website address. For you to make money on your own blog you'll have to get visitors to your website in various ways.

This is two ways you can get paid blogging. One is writing for other people. The other is writing for yourself.

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