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Own A Veterinary Practice? - 5 Costly Marketing Mistakes You Must Not Ignore.

By: Danie Baptiste

Management Veterinary practices can significantly increase their number of new customers and referrals if they avoid these costly marketing mistakes.

Here are five mistakes to avoid:

Mistake 1

Advertising to the wrong market. Are you advertising low price? If so, then you'll attract people who want nothing but low prices. And the problem with this group, 'price buyers', is that they're never loyal to you. Their loyalty is to low price.

The minute your competitor hangs out a sign with a lower price scribbled on it, these price shoppers will leave you in a heart beat and run to your competitor. You have now lost a customer.

If what you want to do is attract people who are price buyers, then, go ahead and have a field day advertising low price. But if your goal is to have a customer base of people willing to pay for the services rendered so you can make, skip advertising price. Instead, advertise value.

Mistake 2

Advertising "x percentage off" instead of dollars or free. Many potential pet customers don't know the veterinary regular prices, so they can't tell how much money they'll save.

Rather, introductory offers should be made in terms your potential clients can relate to. My recommendation to you is that you advertise in dollars, for example, "$25.00 off your pets' first exam" or "Free one day boarding pass with exam".

"You save $29.99 off our regular price!" "We know your pet is going to fall in love with our vet care services. We know Fido will beg you to take him back - that's why his first visit is on us!"

Mistake 3

Not advertising your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). One of the purposes of marketing is to let your prospective clients know how you're unique. One of the things that set you apart from your competitor is your USP.

Your first step is to start by pointing out what it is that you do that's different from everybody else. For instance, the USP for your veterinary business might be superb customer service and a practice dedicated to the wellness and preventive care for pets in which a program is customized for each individual pet and owner's lifestyle.

Be sure to feature your unique selling proposition in the headline of your ads.

Mistake 4

Failing to distinguish yourself; to share how you are different from all the other veterinary practices competing for business. Pet owners want their animals to have a very good experience when choosing a veterinary operation.

So, it's your responsibility to let prospective clients know what makes you the better choice. In your ads, if you say, "XYZ Veterinary Center", you're not saying anything different from other veterinary centers.

Instead, tell your prospective pet owner clientele why customers choose you instead of running to your competitors. Highlight different services your business offers, Annual exams & vaccination, spaying & neutering, free teeth cleaning for birthdays.

It's crucial that you reassure your potential customers that their pets' visit to your practice has a satisfaction guarantee.

Mistake 5

Not staying in touch with your customer base. Your customers are the source of your current business and future referrals. As soon as they feel you don't care about their beloved pets and their business, they'll go somewhere else.

If you want to stay in business then you will stop everything you're doing right now and publish a regular newsletter. This newsletter does not have to be filled with advice on pet care.

No. No. On the contrary, I'm giving you permission to make it fun, fun, fun. You can provide your customers relevant information about your veterinary services, of course, perhaps a photo of "Pet Of The Month" with a brief blurb sharing any quirky habits, and even an inspirational quote and a couple of funny stories will do just fine.

By sending out this newsletter you will be establishing trust with your customers and win over their loyalty to your business for many years to come.

And this is what you want, right?

Yves Marie Danie Baptiste is an expert in small business marketing. Click here: http://www.mlmonlinenewsletter.com for more information on how to powerfully market your veterinary practice and explode your profits.
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