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DVD Replication Explained

By: Katey Richards

Multimedia DVD replication and duplication are mistakenly used to define each other. DVD duplication is copying data into a new CD while DVD replication is a much more complicated method. DVD replication is a process of forming a clone of the master copy instead of copying onto a new CD; the data is formatted onto a new CD during its manufacturing period. The process of DVD replication is conducted in special replication firms by experienced technicians. Thus each replicated DVD is uniquely processed for you and the end result is more durability of DVDs.

There are generally two types of printings for DVD replications; offset printing and screen printing. The feature that makes replicated DVDs unique is the number of information layers a replicated DVD can have. Generally they can contain 1 layer (DVD-5) of information, 2 layers on one side (DVD-9), 1 layer on each side (DVD-10) or 2 layers on each side (DVD-18). These layers make the replicated DVD execute the stored data exactly like a master DVD will do; this is why replicated DVDs are also called the clones of the original ones. Another specialty that makes replicated DVDs differ from the duplicated ones is their high volume running capacity. The cost of replication is relatively lower and the standard turn-time for DVD replication is 7-8 business days. Generally the cost of DVD replication does not exceed $1.5 per unit in the UK. Placement of bulk orders results in fewer costs since they decrease the overheads.

DVD manufacturing companies are going through a very serious threat from the industry of piracy.

Local companies poorly replicate newly launched DVDs and sell them in the market at a price which is exceptionally less than that of the originals. These low prices attract consumers to compromise a little on quality and buy the pirated DVDs instead of paying high prices for an original one.

Several video companies including Warner Brothers are thinking about using the method of DVD replication to meet the demand of this niche market and destroy the growing industry of piracy. Along with the original copies, these giant firms intend to produce replicate DVDs as well in the near future. They will make them available in the market at relatively lower prices. This price is almost the same as that of the local pirated DVDs but in contrast to them, the companies authorized replicated DVDs will legally reserve all copy rights. The replicated DVDs of multi-national companies will offer higher quality. Therefore, these companies will enter a new market of customers who only intend to pay lower prices for DVDs and steadily the industry of piracy will be completely destroyed.

This trick of destroying the industry of piracy will be tested by launching authorized replicated DVDs in high demand regions like China. China is considered to be the hub of duplicated DVDs and the origin of pirated DVDs.

Could anyone have guessed that multinational companies would have to replicate their originals for their own survival?

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