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Making The Decision To Share Your Feature Film

By: Roy Sencio

Television / Movies Making the decision to share your film is one that is wrought with anxiety. You have worked very hard to create the best film that you can and having someone else view it is a nerve-racking experience. Of course, if you have decided to be a filmmaker then you will have to face the fact that someone is going to have to look at your films at some point. In fact, you want a whole lot of someoneís looking at your film.

You will have to look at your film critically to make the decision to show your film to others. Most of the problems that are likely to cause you to not want to show it are purely technical and have nothing to do with your film or vision. The camera equipment might not be the best and will contribute to a poor film. The sound can be off and will make it unwatchable by anyone. You must look at all of these points and make sure that everything is up to snuff before you decide to show the film.

If you come into knowledge about a potential legal problem with the film, you should consider holding off on its release. For example, if there were a person who believes that the film is based on them and is threatening a lawsuit you would be wise to hold off until the issue is resolved.

If the problem is simply that you are apprehensive about others seeing your work, this is something that you need to get over. You will have to show your film and take the criticisms that others might have of your work. Not every film is a rip roaring success. Be aware of this possibility and you will relieve yourself of a lot of tension and anxiety about the release of your film.

Itís important that you receive feedback from an audience about the film. This is the important way that a filmmaker grows. If you canít take criticism you are in the wrong business. Getting the feedback can allow you to make changes in the film that can make it even better than you originally thought. Watching an audience watch your movie is a great way to see if your points and ideas were delivered in a clear enough manner. If the audience loses its way during your film you will know that you have confused them and made a wrong turn somewhere in the development of the film. It could be a variety of reasons that can be fixed to allow your film to receive better feedback from the audience.

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