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Top 10 Tips for Saving Money

By: Martin Davis

Wealth-Building There are numerous ways that one can save money today and yet still get what you really want. Certainly with the way the economy is currently being able to find alternative ways of getting what you want and saving yourself money is crucial. Below we offer 10 tips for saving your money which could actually result in your keeping yourself out of debt as well.

Tip 1 – If you currently have any debt on your credit cards then it is important that you clear this as soon as possible. Although credit cards are a convenient way for you to purchase those items that you want if you can’t pay off the balance on your card each month the debt will soon mount up. If you do find yourself in such a situation consider taking out a small low cost loan to pay off the balance on your cards and doing this could save you £100s each year.

Tip 2 – When it comes to buying yourself something essential like a second car or some furniture for your home why not consider using the local classifieds in the newspapers where you live or if they have their online. Generally you may find yourself saving yourself a considerable sum on the same items if you were to visit your local car dealer or furniture store.

Tip3 – As we all know the cost of the utilities for our homes has increased substantially over the last year or so. However, if you spend a little time online you may be able to find yourself a new supplier who offers the same as your current one at a much more competitive rate. Often doing the research online you may find that you are able to change over to the new supplier quickly and easily as well and they will then take care of the rest of the formalities.

Tip 4 – When you go shopping for the weekly or monthly food don’t go when you are hungry and take a prepared list with you. This way you are actually going to prevent yourself from picking up those items which are not essential and which you like the look of. Certainly you will not only be looking after yourself but also your wallet as well.

Tip 5 – Although you may not realize it but there are plenty of things you have at home which you don’t need or don’t use and which could be making you money. So spend some time going through your cupboards at home and see what you have got and what you don’t need. Then either put them up for sale on an auction site like eBay or in your newspapers local classifieds.

Tip 6 – When you need to get new insurance for your home, car or travel then don’t go with your current insurer but shop around instead. The quickest and easiest way for comparing the prices quoted for different kinds of insurance including that of life insurance is by going online. You may well find that you are able to save yourself quite a tidy sum.

Tip 7 - When it comes to your holiday arrangements try and book yours as early as possible as this can save you quite a considerable sum each year. Also rather than booking through a travel agency instead try and make all the arrangements yourself. There are hundreds of websites that can help you to book all your travel arrangements at one time and still help you to make considerable savings on each part.

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