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The New, Recession Proof, Club Millionaire's Next Door.

By: Audrey Daniels

Wealth-Building School is out and for parents reeling from the housing and mortgage crisis; they now have to find affordable activities to keep their kid's busy. With gas pricing soaring and their finances taking a hit, the summer fun for many have taken a turn for the worse.

Many who usually packed the kids up and went away for a week or two, are now finding that idea pretty much out of the question. For others, the cost of gas weighs in heavily. They must plan every detail, even the exact route they will take. For every gallon of gas they blow through is a gallon they must return on, so every ounce, counts.

Some families who once enjoyed luxury timeshare ownership have found that luxury no longer a viable option. They've either been foreclosed (out of their timeshare) or they've had to cut their losses by selling their prized vacation location.

So, now what? Settle for the $99 pool from Wal-Mart and some $3 suntan lotion? For those 'in the know,' they have a much better plan. They've found a whole way to jet off with friends and family (without breaking the bank). In fact, they are making their vacations pay for themselves and their newfound lifestyles.

It is called, referral vacationing and not only is it becoming the 'affordable' luxury for averaged budgeted people, it is quickly becoming the next 'big' fast income generating business. It is the new approach to a "carefree lifestyle" and is generating a slew of world-wide fans.

For soon-to-be brides, many are happily finding that a referral club helps defray the cost of either a honeymoon or a wedding. Since rates are so low, a resort style wedding in the Caribbean is within easier reach, when included as part of their resort stay.

Many resorts in the Club registry make weddings and honeymoons a big part of their accommodation package to attract guests. Member's can also find (all inclusive) resorts and cruises, at their fingertips, too.

Wedding planners, co-coordinator's and even bridal shop owners are making referral membership information an integral part of their business.

Instead of a bride only coming to them for one service, they now can save her money, time and gas by showing her the added value of membership usage well past that special day.

"Doing something for themselves, that helps someone else"

For the well-heeled and financially well-connected, Romane Conti crowd, membership adds an excellent resource: a unique (and indirect) fundraiser.

Within hours, thousands can be raised via a club membership drive, on site or off, world-wide, right from the comfort of a donor's computer. In return, donors will receive a willable membership good for 100 years.

Members can enjoy uploading vacation videos online to show others where they stayed, how much they paid and just how much fun they had. Many watching will hardly believe all of the fantastic resorts this membership gets them into and the fantastic benefits received. While others, turn ashen and practically become ill.

Those spectacularly low weekly rates they are watching others enjoy, are, in fact, at the very same, luxury resort they got foreclosed out of. Many viewing, will wince in pain wishing they would have bought a referral membership.

Instead, they can only lick their wounds over the "ownership" loss they took when the economy tanked.

As more and more wake up to the incredible benefits that this membership offers, by far, the best and most popular feature on everybody's mind are the 'mind-boggling' bonus payouts. By utilizing that one major feature alone, members cannot only envision financial success; they can ensure it for future generations to come.

Referral members especially enjoy not being subjected to all the rigid requirements associated with a time-share purchase. Having access to many of the world's most beautiful resorts, cruises and other amenities, is a like a dream, in itself. Getting them at such low, member only rates, makes being a club member even more, worthwhile.

With as little as 48 hours notice, members can simply book and go. They can even order up a full private getaway (including transportation) for a friend or family member. A full service concierge is available to take care of and ensure each member's request, no matter how big or how small.

With all of these non-binding features, it's enough to make any time-share owner feel blind sighted enough to be put away on permanent bed rest. Wake up, America, you're not dreaming. These are your new, recession proof, club millionaire's next door.

Audrey Daniels is out to share the secret of luxury leisure travel, worldwide. Her website is: http://www.ReferralVacationing.com She can also be contacted at Audrey@ReferralVacationing.com
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