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The Ultimate collection of great War DVDs

By: Bob Kk

Books and Music War DVDs section covers the Napoleonic Era, military and war movies, and also word war II movies. The war DVDs contains hundreds of movies and documentary reviews. War DVDs also contains Great Britain wars films of all the time. War DVD films contains the struggles of the British forces before the tide turned in the conflict. Mixing black and white footage with modern-day interviews, this series of war DVDs are giving tribute to England's involvement in history's bloodiest conflict.

The stories, images and tributes compiled in these films provide insight to the many contributions to war residents during the war and will be of particular interest to anyone who experienced the war as well as to historians, war buffs and educators.

Popular war DVD films are -THE DAM BUSTERS, starring Michael Redgrave and Richard Todd, is a World War II adventure which centers on the British efforts to destroy two enormous dams in Germany. -In THE COLDITZ STORY, starring John Mills, a group of captured Allied soldiers attempt breaks out of Germany's toughest prison. -THE CRUEL SEA, starring Jack Hawkins and Denholm Elliott, follows life on a British ship in the North Atlantic during World War II. -ICE-COLD IN ALEX focuses on a British officer (John Mills) stationed in North Africa.

Such a war DVD collection is perfect for anyone who enjoys true stories. Those are portrayed very well in the respective war DVD videos. For America, for the Earth and for all of its citizens, the Second World War was the defining event of the 20th century. World war DVD collections: is a comprehensive and intimate survey of this epic war featuring nearly 30 of its greatest World War II documentaries, each packed with original archival footage, interviews with military experts and historians, and gripping reenactments.

War DVD videos consists of explosive documentary series revealing many long-time classified secrets on the various War and what was truly behind it. Producer of war DVDs spent a lot of time on battles for release of classified videos and documents that will reveal a great deal of the factual truth.

We read thousands of books, tens of thousands of newspaper and magazine stories and watch hundreds of hours of television reports have been produced on various major wars but still we are in the dark still on many events and actions as to why and how. Now the truth became the first casualty of war and some of the answers are revealed in the war DVDs set.

Through war DVDs are never before released such top secret documents and interviews these facts undermine many myths which long have masqueraded as the truth.

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