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Understanding What Is A FICO Score And Tips On Hiring The Best Credit Repair Service

By: Damon Decrescenzo

Finance FICO score is a credit scoring system that was developed in the1950s by Fair Isaac & Co. Today, the three major credit reporting bureaus Experian, Equifax and Trans Union all use FICO scores to evaluate the credit worthiness of almost 90% of the adult Americans. FICO scores can range from 300-850 and these scores are calculated on the basis of scoring models and mathematical calculations that are not revealed to the public. The higher the FICO score, the lower the risk to the creditor and hence if your FICO score is high, you end up with lower interest rates, faster loan approval time, lower insurance premiums and better employment prospects. If your score is low, you may be in need of the services of the best credit repair firm that can help you take repair action via a personalized credit repair program.

A FICO score of a person is determined by studying a personís credit history. Late payments, charge offs, judgments/liens, bankruptcies, foreclosures, the total amount of credit used and the total credit that is currently available, credit cards issued, employment history, the amount secured as loans, their repayment history are all considered while determining a personís FICO score. It is a snap shot of the credit worthiness of a person that is used by creditors when they evaluate any credit application. Persons with a FICO score of less than 500 are said to have a bad credit record and this qualifies them to seek the help of one of the firms offering best credit repair services. There are several genuine firms that operate online offering credit repair service for a nominal fee. The legally trained and experienced credit repair specialist will make it easy for those who wish to remove negative or inaccurate information from their credit reports in a hassle free manner.

The three main credit reporting agencies use three distinct types of FICO scores. The FICO score used by Equifax is referred to as BEACON, the one used by Experian is referred to as Experian/Fair Isaac Risk Model and the one used by Trans Union is referred to as FICO Risk Score, Classic. Each of them is compiled taking into account the data currently available at the individual credit reporting agencies. With credit repair support from a team of professionally qualified experts, people will have little difficulty in erasing erroneous reports and inaccurate information while the personalized repair plan of action ensures that they make improvements to their FICO score steadily. You can improve your FICO score and repair your credit report by hiring the best credit repair firm.

http://www.thecreditprosintl.com uses every legal opportunity under the Fair Credit Reporting Act to demand that accurate, verified credit information be reported or REMOVED from your credit report.
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