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Forex Robots - the Myth Financial Freedom the Reality Losses

By: Sonia Kristina

Trading / Investing If you are looking at trading a forex robot, then you need to be careful as the myth of a life of luxury and wealth for a hundred dollars outlay is rubbish. The reality is losses here's why.

They all have great names that indicate how they take on the forex market and they produce great track records and you think hey! That's great I should be able to make that!

The reality of course is the track record of profits is nothing of the sort it's a computer back test knowing the data, well that's hard.

So they haven't made any money which is not exactly a recommendation to use one but you do get lots of people on the online telling you can get rich and how they are to and then of course, you follow the link and what a surprise there selling it and making a commission.

Now there is nothing wrong with that at all but some of the stories are just ludicrous and these are some of the reasons I have seen to buy them.

- Trade the market with 90% accuracy!

Really well the banks and brokers better sack there dealers as these robots could take over, not even the best traders I know trade with this figure its fantasy not reality.

- Its Designed by a Whiz Kid Banker etc

Why is this good, or an advantage? It doesn't mean the robot will win and most of the time the mysterious developer is never really outlined.

- Make money on $100.00

Another dumb idea. With leverage and such a small sum unless you are luckier than I have ever been in my life you won't get anywhere with that volatility will take your money quickly.

- You don't Need to Know what your Doing or anything about forex

Of course you do and if you did, you wouldn't buy a robot with a simulated track record.

- You Can Trade it in a Demo Account

Often see this gem trade it for a week or two, well any trader knows that's a waste of time in evaluating a trading program. You need a two year period as a minimum, if you have the patience to do it - but forget a week or so means nothing.

- You Get a Money Back Guarantee

Big deal it would be better if you got a money back guarantee on your losses.

Know the myth of the whole world buying these software packages and packing in the day job is not going to happen neither are banks brokers and investment houses going to sack there dealing teams, even though the robots simulated track record is great.

The reality is these systems are sold with slick marketing and no substance, for example the basics of any proof they can deliver automatic profits, which they advertise.

Steer clear of them and get the right forex education and win. Sure you have to work but you do in any area of life but forex for the effort you have to put in will give you the opportunity to earn a great second or even life changing income.


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