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Internet calls: Barriers Broken, Conversation Started

By: Nisha Garg

Technology The world is far apart where the barriers were like the unconquered Himalayas, where the gap was so mighty that all the bridges have thrown their weapons and where the song of life was so unclear that clouds dared to become the messengers! People came, saw and conquered the vacuum. So saluting were their deeds that all the difficulties became sublime and all the challenges converted into opportunities! All the barriers broke when these dare devils started to talk. No longer is the green globe divided by languages rather it is united in dialog. Lively conversations made the whole world a caring family. And its happy inhabitants are set free by reason, understanding and speech. Simply world has become better place, as the barriers are now vanished like the fog while the glittering sun shines.

The moment people take the time and start talking to each other instead of fighting is the cherished one. Then only they realise they aren't much different. All are human and all put on this planet for the same reason. This is the beautiful world where we live in and these are the minds we're given to make it more beautiful. That is the reason all those barriers of communication should be broken. They are well buried into our minds from, social environment and life experiences beginning from childhood. They deserve the attacks from every front. The simple act of talking is bringing the world together and Internet is spearheading this revolution.

Using the Internet as an alternative to traditional telephone conversations is least expensive, but it may be a slightly complicated one. This article weighs both the advantages and disadvantages before you invest too much time and money in Internet calls. Here you have to remain connected to the Internet with your broadband Internet connection. This system is only successful when your computer is equipped with a sound card of at least 16 bits. The sound card should also allow the recording process. Apart from it, you have to purchase compatible speakers and a microphone. If you already have these components there is no need to purchase. You have to buy or download software for Internet calls and install it on your computer. The software you choose should resemble the same as or compatible with the software of the people you wish to call.

For Internet calls you have to make arrangements with the person you wish to call establishing that you both will be online at a specific time. You have to follow the instructions of your specific telephony software for making a call. The instructions are usually regarding accessing a server and selecting a name from a list of users who are online at the time of talk. Generally, Internet calls can only be made between two people who have computers, Internet access and compatible software, although some applications (such as Dial pad) allow the user to call regular telephones.

For optimal clarity of Internet calls you have to use a full-duplex sound card. The Instant-messaging software on your computer will give you instant messages, but the voice effects will not be there.

Instant messaging is a great option to communicate over long distances without racking up a huge phone bill. So cost effective is the instant messaging is that they can be called as the free Internet calls. The utilities of this software can be downloaded for free and are very easy to install and use. You have to choose an instant message program compatible with your friends. Most programs are similar in their functionalities, so your best bet is to find one that some of your friends already use.

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