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Branded Entertainment Company in India

By: Man Stone

Arts and Entertainment Entertainment is considered to be one of the biggest money grossing factors in the market today. An Entertainment Company primarily deals with activities that relate to recreation that is catered to the common public. It could be movies, animated films, commercial advertisements featuring top celebrities and sports entertainment shows like wrestling and boxing. The later is sports with a script and storyline backing it and the final product is delivered live to the audience. Other media targeting activities would include a fashion show or an exhibition in an art gallery amongst others. The entire motive is to provide the common masses with news that seems to be an illusion compared to the daily chores they face.

In the initial stages an entertainment program was basically sponsored by corporate houses who at the most had stakes involved with the venture that was produced and then provided through television or media to the general audiences. Today you have a complete industry dedicated to this field. The Entertainment Industry on a whole consists of a large number of sub-industries, basically categorized into four major parts. 1) Traditional Live Entertainment Industry. 2) The Mass Media Entertainment Industry. 3) Electronic Industry. 4) Related off-shore Entertainment. The categorized sub-industry has their own audiences that help them to flourish.

The traditional live industry is provides entertainment live to the audience, instead of a taped format as followed by the other groups. It could be theatre, a musical show, a sports show, a fashion show or any show that involves performing arts. Entertainment in this category is also related to exhibitions. A fare or an exhibition at a museum or an art gallery, all fall under this category. The next one is the Mass-Media. Here the mode of Entertainment is provided through media communications via films, television, radio, etc, etc. The film industry is considered to be the biggest entertainment industry in India with the yearly budget that includes turn-overs and profits soaring a billion Rupees and is easily the most dominating sector in Mass-Media. A Night Club comes close to this particular segment as music and records from the films get there major promotion done here.

Next in line are the Electronics media and off-shore related ventures. The Electronic Media provides entertainment in the form of various computer games and technology stuff like the internet and mobile phones. Where as the "see also" entertainment industry consists of related entertainment stuff from overseas. The Film industry in India is dubbed as "Bollywood", where as the film industry that is based in the United States is termed as "Hollywood". So entertainment from the Off- shore part is provided to us in India through the help of distributors. You also have Gambling and the pornographic Industry as mode of entertainers that is mainly kept aside for adults. On a work front a Branded Entertainment Company in India handles all these components with ease.

Now to the main point!!! Who manages the complete transactions? If the Entertainment Company in question is really big, branded and has a reputation to keep, it is essential that it has an account management firm to keep in check of their accounts. An entertainment company churns out huge money all the time, it hosts, sponsors and even arranges events, and hence a lot of money at any instant is at stake. Therefore there has to be a track on the budget to know what the actual and the estimated expenditure of the event is. All in all a Branded Entertainment Company in India is indeed a jackpot and anyone associated with it is bound to make a lot of money.

Event Organizer and PR analyst employed with Percept Holdings. To read more about a Branded Entertainment Company in India click here.
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