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Why Time and Financial Freedom is Important

By: Ethan Chu

Wealth-Building Most of us wish we had more time--and money. Most of us spend a good part of our time in the rat-race of working for other people leaving us with precious little time to spend with our families. If we are lucky, we may get at least a two-week paid vacation a year. Many of us, because of our jobs need to work longer hours or on weekends. It’s a rat-race because we are doing this day in and day out year after year and ending up retiring with little to show for all the 30 or 40 years you have worked. Money you made putting your time in working for others has paid your mortgage and allowed you to save a little to help send your children to college and to pay for life-changing or money draining incidences that happen in life, such as a wedding.

Time is important, yet most of us don’t have a lot of time to spend with families or actually relaxing. For some reason, employers seem to think that a two-week vacation is all we need to relax. It’s not. It is possible to gain financial freedom to allow you to have more time to relax and have fun by network marketing.

Building a home business is a wonderful way to financial freedom through passive income. You find a product or service to sell, build a Web site and sell the product on your Web site, but not by yourself. You diversify by recruiting people to help you distribute a product or service for which they are compensated by a percentage of what they sell. Everyone wins with more money. Many people get into network marketing to make extra money on a part-time basis and this will give people the motivation to work on the Internet making extra money.

There are many other ways you can market your product with network marketing without it costing an arm and a leg and without having to travel. Using people to help you market the product is one way. Using affiliate marketing, that is selling products from other Web sites by providing a link or advertisement on your site is another way to gain income. You will be paid a commission each time someone on your Web site buys or sometimes even clicks on the link or advertisement you have provided.

All of us could use more time and more money and a lot less stress. Network marketing is a great way of providing all of these, with a little research, dedication and commitment you just may find that network marketing may be just the thing that will work for you.

Ethan and Jane Chu are the creators of `Network MarketingLifestyle', at and have a combined experience of more than 6years in network marketing. This husband-and-wife team both are seasoned professionals in their respective fields of mobilecommunication engineering and accounting.
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