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Capture Your Memories For A Lifetime In Your Camera

By: Nor Nan

Arts and Entertainment Purchasing a camera might be cumbersome for some people. With a wide range of options, which are available in the market, one can always get lost using the different features of this gadget. However, as a device, a camera surely gives you the advantage of capturing memories in a single snapshot. Going back through time, the first camera was big enough and it needed a lot of preparation before one could use it. As years passed by it became smaller and thinner. All you need is a good camera to capture your precious moments and share these with others.

Again, this simple invention brought us closer to what we really need as human beings. We need to remember a lot of things in life just in case our memory fails us. We need a camera not only in happy moments but it also provides evidence in court about a crime that was committed. In a camera, we share both the happy and sad realities of human existence. The snapshots bring us closer to who we really are. It brings us in unity with our neighbors in another country. It makes us realize that capturing these different situations reveal our interconnectedness. This simple machine leads us to the discovery of what we truly need in our lives as human beings.

Capturing Each Moment Like Capturing A Part Of Your Life

Surfing the Internet, opens us to tons and tons of pictures ranging from situations of happiness and peace to war and poverty; showing us the different human realities that are captured through a picture; and it makes us understand that we have to do something to make this world a better place. As we receive the photo, we see a glimpse of another part of the world. Humanity is responsible for the situations that are happening in our everyday life. It captures who we are and what we can become. This simple gadget is now placed in cell phones and computers. It is through responsible use of this machine that we build the future of our world and it is through abuse that we destroy it.

As the world continues to revolve and life goes through the different stages of evolution, the camera also goes through a process of transformation, which continues to capture important aspects in our history. Through the photos, humanity now learns from the past as it travels onwards to the future. As a gadget, this will take on other forms but essentially, and it will continue to do its job of capturing the meaning of life. This explains why a lot of people would prefer buying a cell phone with a camera; there is a thirst within us for collecting our memories. Hence, it is through its responsible use, that it attains its perfection. The camera is only useful when it achieves the common good. It should be used to build humanity and not destroy it. This is one of the means where we can share our feelings with one another and brings us closer to each other. The challenge still remains - let us capture each moment!

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