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Wall-E a Hit with Fans and Critics

By: Robert Johnston

Television / Movies The latest film from Disney and Pixar is proving to be a major success. There is a great amount of buzz among people who have seen it and, in general, all of the reviews have been spectacular. After seeing the film myself, I can see why.

WALL-E is about a delightful and utterly likeable robot in the year 2700. By that time, the planet Earth had been abandoned for centuries, and it is WALL-E’s job to clean up the empty planet (he is basically a futurized trash collector). While he is working, he often collects souvenirs from Earth. Along the way, he meets a female robot named EVE, and the two become friends. EVE finds out that some of the items that WALL-E has been collecting could lead to the return of humans to their old planet. She quickly takes off to let them know about this discovery. WALL-E, realizing he doesn’t want to lose his new friend after being alone for hundreds of years, goes after her. The result is a journey through space that is very reminiscent of another Disney/Pixar film, "Finding Nemo."

The first thing you notice about this film is the absolutely striking visual effects. Even for Pixar, this is a remarkably good looking movie, with unbelievable graphics and details. This aspect of the film is so impressive that, even if there were no plot, it would be hard to give it a poor grade.

But there is much more to this movie than just a great look for their poster printing designs. It is a surprisingly humorous and touching love story about two robots. Despite a noticeable lack of dialogue (after all, WALL-E is all alone on the earth) viewers are quickly led to sympathize with the loveable robot. When he watches his newest (and only) friend take off to give the humans hope, you completely understand WALL-E’s decision to follow her, despite the uncertainties and consequences.

As well as this movie works as a visual feature, and as delightful as the story is, there is even more to love. Simmering just below the surface throughout the movie are several deeper sentiments. The movie very subtly warns us about the effects our actions are having on the earth. It also tells us not to let technology make us lazy. It is not often that such an enjoyable and lightheaded movie also has such deep and valuable lessons included.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. And I will admit that I was not sure what I would think as I stepped into the theatre. But the folks at Disney and Pixar have produced an incredible film with WALL-E. It is the perfect film for families, and even single adults will get more than their money’s worth.

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