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What Wonderful Value, A Cyprus Villa In Limassol

By: Adrian Jones

Wealth-Building Are you feeling a little miserable with the horrible weather? Do you wish you were somewhere wonderful, warm and with plenty of sunshine? Well think of Cyprus, a villa in Limassol maybe. What more could you ask for, plenty of sunshine, wonderful food and a relaxing lifestyle. What are you waiting for, come on over.

Grab yourself a map of Cyprus and you will see that Limassol is situated on the Southern coast of the Island and apartments in Limassol Cyprus are in abundance, you will be spoilt for choice. Whether you are looking to buy or sell Cyprus property you will find that at this moment in time it is definitely a buyer market as prices are so cheap, but if Economists are to be believed, apartments in Limassol Cyprus or any property for sale will soon start to climb to extortionate prices. So that Cyprus villa in Limassol may well be out of reach if you donít act fast.

A Cyprus villa in Limassol is just the thing if you love cosmopolitan towns, Limassol is both old and new. The old is typical of the Island with old narrow streets where old men and women sit by the roadside peddling their wares whilst taking in the odd sip of Zivania (distilled alcoholic drink made from grapes-very potent) or just simply sipping black Cyprus coffee. Driving down these streets is rather slow as they are full of twists and turns and are very narrow. The new is vibrant, full of life and houses many modern shops, where you can buy the ultra modern if the desire takes you. The seafront promenade has recently been refurbished and boasts a sculpture park and many seaside bars, which are great for just lazing whilst sipping a cool glass of wine and just watching the ships as they sail towards the old and new ports.

From your Cyprus villa in Limassol you could be at the top of the Troodos Mountains within 45 minutes, great in the winter if you love skiing, yes they do have snow in Cyprus, but usually only between January and March, and there are one or two ski slopes for those that want to ski. Once you have finished with the skiing, why not drive back down to the beach and have an afternoon swim?

Whilst looking for apartments in Limassol or a Cyprus villa, Limassol is not the only location to look at. If you donít like the intense heat that Cyprus has in the summer, why not look for your holiday home a little further inland, in the foothills of the mountains for example. There are many properties to buy or sell, Cyprus property is not confined to the coastal areas.

From your Cyprus villa in Limassol you are central to all other areas on the Island and equidistant from both Paphos and Larnaca airports, so your choice of airport isnít limited due to where you buy or sell Cyprus property.

If you donít want to miss out on some cracking bargains, you had better hurry as these wonít be bargains for much longer as prices are set to rise.

Adrian Jones recommends you buy cyprus property in Limassol via a registered estate agent licenced to buy sell Cyprus property.
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