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By: Lan Sandle

Television / Movies Itís summertime and that means, among other things, the grill comes out and itís time for some masterful backyard creations. Do you already have a terrific recipe for the perfect burger? If not, try this one on for size.

Prep Work The first thing youíll need to do is adequately prepare is learn the basics of burger making. It doesnít matter if you have the best recipe in the world if you donít know the first thing about flipping burgers. If you havenít at least watched someone else prepare a burger, you should take a few minutes and head online to play burger games.

Burger games can teach you most or all of whatís involved in grilling and then presenting a burger. Some even go so far as to show you the proper ingredients for the burger and what extra spices you might use for a bit of flair.

One you understand the proper order and understand the basic burger game terms, youíre ready for the real thing.

Prepare the Meat To prepare the hamburger for the grill, many people make hamburger patties from packaged meat. By all means used prepackaged meat, but donít just make patties without doctoring it a bit first. Put the meat in a bowl with a bit of water to add extra moisture. Add a bit of pepper, cheese and any special beef seasoning that catches your fancy such as Creole spices.

Mix the meat by hand until all the water and spice is mixed in and then make patties. Leave the patties at least ĺ of an inch thick in the middle to make them juicy. Then fire up the grill.

Cook the Burgers When the grill has had a chance to heat up evenly Ė usually about 10-20 minutes, place the burgers over the heat. Let the burgers cook for 5-8 minutes on a side depending on how well you like your meat cooked, and flip smoothly to avoid dropping the meat. It might be tempting to press down on the patties with your spatula, but avoid the urge. Squeezing the meat squeezes out all of the juices making the burger dry and tough.

The thicker your burgers the longer they will need to cook. Be sure to peek inside one, preferably your own, if youíre not comfortable with your cooking time or donít know if youíve cooked them long enough. You can always put the meat back on the grill, but you canít un-burn something.

Add Flair Your final step when youíve prepared the meat is to add a bit of flair to the burger meaning to fix it up. This is your chance to really do well. Toast the buns over the grill for a minute and melt thick slices of cheese over the still hot meat patties. Try something unusual like sharp cheddar or Swiss instead of American. Then add as much ketchup, mustard, mayo, lettuce, onion, pickles, and tomato as you like. Or you can skip all that and smother the thing in chili for a truly hearty treat.

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