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Best Uses for Room Dividers

By: Mike Zamora

Gardening There are many styles of room dividers available that can fit just about any type of room décor you may have. Some of the many different styles of room dividers available are made from wood, fabric or even mirrors.

The purpose of a room divider is to not only bring distinction to the room itself, but, to create a privacy area out of a larger room. Room dividers have been around for a very long time and have its historical roots in the 1920s and earlier when women used privacy screens for clothes changing purposes. Nowadays, room dividers are used as an accent piece, or used in a large room to section it into two separate rooms without the need to install a permanent wall.

The many uses for a room divider are not limited to only the indoors. You can purchase outdoor dividers to hide such unattractive things as an air conditioning unit or a hot tub/pool heater so both you and your guests do not have to see such a view.

Indoor room dividers can be made from such materials as fabric, plexiglass, framed cotton canvas, pleated fabric; or, perhaps you would like a privacy screen made from canvas material which can be used as storage on one side of the divider and plain on the other side. It does not matter the type of décor you have in your house, there are room dividers to meet your tastes, from classic and contemporary to modern and sophisticated. Each divider can be constructed from materials such as metal, bamboo, or solid wood and in a variety of price ranges.

Don’t limit yourself to just regular materials such as single color panels, but, look to bold designs such as animal prints, silk-screening or designs within the fabric. The types of room dividers available in a variety of colors and materials are as endless as your designing tastes.

Perhaps you have a home that is not a contemporary design and is more of an open floor plan or loft look to installing a floor-to-ceiling room divider. These are perfect for those times when you are entertaining or simply want to, for instance, close off your living room from your kitchen area without going to the trouble of having to move in and out of the room a portable, folding room divider. These dividers use a pressure arm that uses the ceiling and floor as holding the curtain. This is also a perfect solution for renters where they can take these dividers with them when they vacate their accommodations.

No matter what design, style or use you may look for in room dividers, there is an endless amount of dividers to choose from. Look for different uses room dividers can provide, such as hiding away a home office so when you are not working, you do not have to be reminded of your work area.

There is a lot of different room dividers to chose from, but one thing you need to do is look at what you need them for, your budget and what decorating style you would like your dividers to follow.

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