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Anti-Aging: Supplement Helps Memory, Reduces Stress

By: Rod Mac Taggart

Nutrition and Supplement Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid nutrient found in green leafy vegetables, soybeans, fish and rice, and is essential for normal brain function. Since the amount that our bodies make available declines as we get older, and we all want a brain that works, itís not a bad idea to take phosphatidylserine anti-aging supplements to help prevent the onset of age-related mental dysfunction.

First, phosphatidylserine is quite a mouthful, so letís just call it PS for short. Even the scientists who study PS call it PS, so we will too.

PS is an important component of the membrane surrounding cells, and itís most plentiful in our brain cells, where it plays a vital role in how efficiently we can think and remember things. How PS plays that role is not fully understood, but itís been determined that phospholipids such as PS may decline with age, which is why an anti-aging supplement providing PS is a good idea.

The number of formal scientific studies of the effects of PS have so far been limited. But a few studies conducted on people at risk for cognitive dysfunction showed how their mental acuity and short-term memory improved when PS was added as a daily dietary supplement.

But PS doesnít only play a role in mental functions. Studies in the UK at the Department of Sports Science, University of Wales, demonstrated that short-term supplementation with PS also improved exercise capacity during high-intensity cycling, and tended to increase performance during intermittent running. Test subjects were able to exercise more forcefully, recovered more quickly, and experienced less muscle soreness after exercise.

Not only that two other studies have shown that PS helps reduce the mental, emotional and physical effects of stress. It doesnít have a drug-like tranquilizer effect it just relieves the usual stress reactions that many people have getting through life.

PS is usually available as 100mg or 200mg capsules, and research has proven that itís completely safe and effective at 300mg to 600mg a day, or one capsule with each meal. To help ward off the usual deterioration of memory and thought functions associated with aging, anti-aging supplements with PS are a quick and easy fix.

Author, Rod MacTaggart, contributes articles on anti-aging and health for Feel Good For Life. More information on these and other topics can be found at http://www.feelgoodforlife.com.
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