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Car that runs on water

By: Peter Drew

Autos and Trucks Nowadays, having a car can be a great source of concern and worry. If youíve ever been forced to think about the carbon footprint you leave on the environment every time you drive, or the amount or oil (or gas) or car uses on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis, then it must have led you to wonder how long youíll be able to afford cars for your daily needs. If youíve ever considered these statements, then it means that youíre ready to switch over to an eco-friendly means of travel. This obviously means youíll be interested in a car that runs neither on oil nor on gasoline, but on water.

Iím sure youíve heard of the hybrid car that runs on a combination of gasoline and electricity, but a car that runs on water is definitely a unique concept. The hybrid car has become quite popular among those who are environmentally conscious, and are willing to do something for their planet. But a car that runs on water is a different thing altogether. Despite the stories you might have heard about such a car being a myth, let us assure you that this car is certainly real. In fact, a prototype of a car that runs on water has been developed, and it is currently being tested by manufacturers. If all goes well, the cars should be ready for mass production in a decade or so.

However, one should remember that even a water car would require some amount of gasoline. In fact, most hybrid cars require the use of gasoline, however small the amount. A car that runs on water basically works by using a hydrogen generator. These generators are placed within the engine and spun by the engineís recycled exhaust. The function of such a generator is to extract the hydrogen that is fed into the car. This hydrogen then combines with the gasoline to produce a fuel that is much safer environmentally. Thus, the gasoline is diluted, and the amount of gasoline used is considerably less.

Like the hybrid car that is already available (electricity and gasoline), the water-car too, could use a combination of power sources. It could run on battery as well as this super combination of gasoline and hydrogen. This characteristic is still being tested because the developers arenít sure if these two sources can generate enough power to run a car. One has to admit that extracting hydrogen from water canít be an easy feat. But despite everything, there is no doubt that such a car will soon be seen on the streets.

Since such a car would use a small amount of gasoline, it will no doubt help motorists save up money. Even though this may spell disaster for oil companies, such cars will certainly be extremely beneficial in the long run, by helping to reduce pollution and global warming.

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