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Perfume: A Fascinating Gift Idea

By: Vikram Kuamr

Fashion / Style It is always a pleasure to give to someone on that special occasion. The gift will be a token of thoughtfulness and of care. But sometimes thinking of a good gift can drain your mind. There are just numerous gift ideas and you seem to be out of idea which is just right. Well, for one give a gift that can be personally used and at the same time one that can be collected or preserved. Why not give a uniquely shaped perfume? The perfume can be used every day and once it will be used up the bottle can be preserved. The person can even use the bottle for other purposes like display on the shelf or can be refilled. Besides, you wouldn’t find it hard to buy perfume in the market since there are hundreds of types of perfumes available. True, you might not know what the type of fragrance the person prefers but just look at the lifestyle and you would have clear idea of what is suitable.

There may be numerous scents of perfume available but there are particular categories that narrow down the choices. You just have to choose which among the category is suitable for the person. From there, you will have to choose the more specific scent for the person.

The perfume scent is categorized into bright floral, green, oceanic or ozone, citrus or fruity and gourmand. The bright floral scent is a classical scent of a flower or combination of flowers. The Rose scent is one typical bright floral scent. Usually this is suitable for an elegant taste or a demure lifestyle. Perfume with green scent is a lighter to moderate scent of the traditional Chyper which consist of labdanum, oakmoss, bergamot, and patchouli. This is good for casual wears or Sundays outing. Person who is fond of shopping, hanging out or just walking around the neighborhood would fit this type of scent. The Oceanic or Ozone scent is a scent that is commonly used for unisex perfume. This has sort of refreshing scent that can be suitable with more active lifestyle. The Citrus or fruity scent is basically as the name indicates. It consists of fruity scents such as lemon, strawberry, apple, grapes, to name a few. They are mainly used in Eau De Colognes in freshening theme. This is suitable for trendy to partying lifestyle. Gourmand scents are categorized as the edible or food like scents. They contain notes like the tonka bean and vanilla. Gourmand scents are typical for office or formal theme.

It is understood that the person to whom you are going to give the perfume may have a versatile lifestyle. This does not mean that you have to give the person perfume for every activity he or she have. The categories simply suggest the nearest resemblance of the typical lifestyle of the person concerned. By the mere description of each scent of the perfume, you can even imagine which among the scents suits the person well. This will guide you the perfume to give. And remember make the gift more fascinating with the unique shape and size of the perfume bottle.

The perfume scent is categorized into bright floral, green, oceanic or ozone, citrus or fruity and gourmand. Scentstore has various perfume scents available. You can choose the right scent online by the perfume’s name and theme.
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