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Planters are Great Way for Business to Attract Customers

By: Matthew Buquoi

Sales / Service Planters have always been popular and should continue to be as long as businesses need curb appeal. PVC Planters are beginning to emerge as a replacement to wood and an upgrade over vinyl as a no rot solution to planters. Wood planters which have been used by businesses in the past have always been gorgeous and captured an authentic look. The problem is that these beautiful accents will tend to rot within a few years and start to lose a lot of their charm. Vinyl planters emerged as the first solution to this problem and have recently been replaced by PVC, which offers the look of wood and paintability.

The advantages of planters are obvious. They add curb appeal to almost any home or business. Each material choice for planters offer a different asset and look that is unique. Wood planters have always been a popular choice, especially cedar, cypruss, and teak. Wood planters will usually last 3-5 years before they begin to show signs of rot. The vinyl planters are able to beat out mother nature in that respect, but have suffered from not being able to be painted and having a shiny finish to them. To solve that puzzle, PVC planters are now available which are paintable and have a matted finish to them. They can be manufactured in custom styles cheaper because they do not require custom moulding. Another advantage to PVC planters is that matching window boxes can be custom built. Matching window boxes and planters is usually only achieved with the type of product that can be mounted to a building. This usually means wood, vinyl, metal, or PVC because of the weight limitations. PVC window boxes are the gold standard in the window box industry and matching planters have become increasingly more in demand.

Nowadays, businesses need custom planters of all sizes: long and narrow or wide and tall. These planters need to fit a very custom application and fill a very specific spot. Sometimes the need is to add a planter in a corner or the need is for a long planter between two columns or a wide planter to fill a gap. If you're going to put time and energy and especially money into having custom planters built, then you should consider what your needs are. Do you need something custom? Are you trying to achieve a specific look? Does it need to match the home or building? Is cost an issue? If you know the answers to those questions, then you will know exactly what material will best suit your needs for commercial planters.

Matthew Buquoi is the owner of a manufacturing company, Flower Window Boxes. He routinely gives advice to businesses and landscapers who need help designing custom planters. http://www.flowerwindowboxes.com
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