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Can you cancel your anniversary?

By: Gina Gray

Relationship Once they are married a couple only has 1 anniversary the actual wedding day. Thatís it that is their anniversary. Why did I feel compelled to share this you may ask. Well it is my anniversary today. I mean it is our anniversary.

Jeez, you would think after all these years I would reflexively(without thinking) automatically say it correctly our anniversary. Thats better.

Now where was I? Oh yeah I was explaining the reason for pointing out that a married coupleís anniversary is the day they got married.

Most couples have anniversaries along the way to getting married days which are assigned some certain significance. You know first date or when you first told each other you loved each other or when you moved in with each other or perhaps when you both got out of prison(just kidding) etcÖ

Now in my case I mean our case my wife then my girlfriend had from my perspective randomly picked out a day which she then decreed was our "anniversary". When I would question how this particular date became an anniversary that I was unaware of I was told that it was the date when she decided that she would have me(apparently for good).

Yep thats right Apparently I never had a chance it was already decided by her that we would end up together. So anyway prior to being married we celebrated this random (at least to me) day as an anniversary of sorts. I would rebel and tell her I was refusing to acknowledge this date as being significant right up and through our "anniversary" meal at a nice restaurant.

So back to my title and my current anniversary, my real anniversary. Now after we got married my wife was still trying to cling to this fake anniversary and I was putting my foot down. We now had an anniversary and no longer needed this old one of her minds creation. We really had an anniversary and I would celebrate that date alone.(not by myself mind you).

Or maybe not so fast. My wife recently was mad about some other issue with me(probably having something to do with the NFL schedule coming out and my team which I have season tix being scheduled on Thanksgiving night) and in her anger she told me that she was cancelling our anniversary.

Yea thats right she has that power our anniversary has been cancelled. I pointlessly tried to tell her that you canít cancel the date it will come regardless of her proclamation and it would still be the anniversary of the day we were married.

So here I sit wondering Is it possible to cancel an anniversary? If so is it like a leap anniversary? Do you not get to count the year? Any thoughts?

Well Despite her proclamation I have prepared as if we are still going to celebrate our milestone tonight(you didnít think I was stupid did you?)

I bought a couple of cards(at the dollar store told her thats where I got them too). Whats the difference its cancelled anyway right?

I have cleared my afternoon and am expecting that we may still celebrate the 1st cancelled anniversary of our married life(better safe than sorry). Or maybe weíll just go back to that old anniversary Nah canít do it after all I have the date of our wedding engraved into the inside of my ring just so I donít forget.

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