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Air pollution May Increase the Risk of Infertility and Heart Attack

By: Remy Vixamar

Environment Air is our main contact with the environment in which we find ourselves. Every day, we breathe in 15 kg of air; thatís more than our daily food intake. Air, in cities and confined environments where houses are really close together, consists of particles of different sizes charged of chemical pollutants. The finer particles will come into contact with the alveoli and will allow some pollutants go directly into the bloodstream, resulting in diseases. Our environment is directly linked to emergence of diseases. Purifying the air in your house becomes vital. Thanks to new technological methods, it is possible to purify the air you breathe by reducing the number of micro-particles.

Pollution of indoor environments

The environment in developed countries has changed profoundly over the past few decades. The habitats have become tight, insulated and have not allowed the walls to breathe. The urbanization, industrial pollution air pollution and the massive use of chemical pollutants have accentuated the importance of these new diseases created by man. In the United States, the result is appalling. Asthmatics have been numbered in the millions, not counting heart attack, infertility, asthma, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity disease.

Air pollution may increase the risk of heart attack

The fine particles of pollution can cause blood clots, many researchers have discovered. The discovery helps explain how air pollution can cause blood clotting and possibly heart attacks. New medical studies have shown that air pollution from trucks exhaust, buses, cars and certain factories increase the risk of heart disease and fatal heart attacks. Air pollution tends to provoke inflammation of the lungs. Once inflamed by pollution, the lungs secrete interleukin-6, a hormone of defense of the immune system that may aggravate the inflammation and makes it more conducive to blood clotting.

Air pollution can cause infertility, asthma and certain cancers

The more closed a domestic environment is, the more the air is polluted with major pollutants (acids, organic chemicals, metals, gases, and soil or dust particles); it must be purified in a consistent manner. Otherwise, the air is stagnant, full of moisture and becomes a factor conducive to new biological, chemical and organic pollutants. These pollutants can cause respiratory and inflammatory diseases - rhinitis, allergies, asthma, infertility, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, diabetes and certain systemic diseases (diseases that affect a number of organs and tissues, or affect the body as a whole).

Some combined chemicals have an ebullition power at low temperature and evaporate at room temperature. Their sources are from furniture, construction materials (paints, adhesives, flooring) and general maintenance. They are factors of serious diseases. Among them, only formaldehyde can be detected by a search for Immunoglobulin E (IgE). Formaldehyde is a carcinogen chemical compound. It does not affect the breathing capacity but potentiates the effects of other pollutants.

Some other toxic chemical that can be found in the air we breathe at home are glycol ethers. Glycol ethers are toxic for red blood cells, bone marrow and lymph. They can cause infertility in men and women. They are easily transmitted by contact with skin.

What can you do?

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