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Route Accounting For Effective Delivery Management

By: James Buchanan

Technology With so many things to manage in an organization, many small things like the shelf-life of the product, their delivery, and invoices often gets either neglected or mismanaged by the supervisor. Route accounting system is therefore a good solution to manage applications that involve trading of services and goods that are often noticed in the movable environment. These route accounting purposes are most commonly used in service and delivery organizations, for example - beverage distribution. It also helps in delivering the products that have a short-life to the business organizations regularly.

Only one single representative is required to effectively manage the route accounting so as to serve customers proficiently, issue invoices, collect payments and acknowledge purchase orders. That is to say, this single representative extends a helping hand to customer and assists them in every aspect of the purchase procedure, from the very first stage of the purchase order till the time invoices are being settled for with them. This assures the customer of the support and service that they seek in the company.

Advantages of Route accounting

1. Route Accounting Solution avoids argument with customers as to the delivery status of the package and its condition when it was delivered. 2. It minimizes the time lapse in delivery and fee payment of the package; one can simply accept payments in field. 3. Enable your drivers to provide a receipt to clients that have their own signature over it without any need to make the return to any truck-mounted printer. 4. The information of run reports that keep a track of the time between the product deliveries, mark for merchandise, and the damaged merchandise help to manage routes even more efficiently and settle inventory levels. 5. Quantities of daily inventory are updated for the sales reporting. It helps you to frequently know about the products that are selling faster and at the locations at which they are selling. This provides customers with an option to place their orders and prevent products from going out of stock. 6. It helps you to directly connect with your ERP or accounting system. As it allows you to share all information, you can utilize your time in making money rather than crunching numbers.

Situations of route accounting

There are basically four main situations that are involved in route accounting:

i. Delivery - This refers to delivery of the packages or products to the customers. ii. Direct Store Delivery or DSD - This involves delivery of products to stores and probably even stocking of your products on their shelves. iii. Pre-sale - This means a visit to the store so as to analyze what is it that customers are selling and what is their demand which they want to purchase. iv. Peddle Sales - This is one step ahead of the pre-sale and in fact carrying of the products stock in the trucks in order to conduct spot sales.

Hence, if you are looking forward to have an organization that does not have to deal with any delivery problems along with efficient management in the delivery process, route accounting is undoubtedly the best solution available to you.

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