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By: Komal Sinha

Autos and Trucks There’s something indescribably romantic about the ocean and the ships that sail on it. One has heard so much about ancient war ships, pirate ships, yachts and the early ship models that somewhere one yearns for the opportunity to set foot on them and experience at least some of the adventure and romance they once offered.

The nearest one can get to fulfilling this wish is by owning the ship model of one’s choice or by buying a build-it-yourself kit which offers the pleasure of reconstructing a ship model part by part, whilst following instructions. These handcrafted ship models can skillfully recreate your favorite model military ship, private yacht model, submarine wood model or sailing ship mahogany model to exact specifications. Needless to say, a mountain of effort and hundreds of hours go into completing the process of carving, painting, rigging and hand-making the fittings that transforms the handcrafted model into a work of art.

Ship modelers usually possess the original blueprints of the actual ships and that is why the ship models' parts including the weaponries, armament, guns and hulls are extremely accurate and precise. Very high quality materials are used to recreate the replicas using the latest innovations and techniques that are applied in the over-all manufacturing and operation process procedures. Moreover the models are delivered with an extremely durable base decorated with insignias.

A lot of companies now offer handcrafted ship models at reasonable rates and at times even offer special discounts on certain models. Moreover corporate clients are given the facility of availing of specific models within a defined budget and also in accordance with timelines. Price lists usually vary as per quality, type, length and make and model of ship. As of now the choice varies right from ancient vessels, classic model boats, and radio-control boats and traditional to modern yachts.

Only a boat lover knows how it feels to see one’s prized ship model suffer damages due to ravages of time or accident. A lot of Ship Modelers even carry out restoration work on ship models and restore them to their original appearance and condition. Display cases are also of great import when one plans to own a ship miniature since these too are expected to match the model and are expected to hold it securely in place.

Handcrafted ship models can occupy the pride of place either in one’s office or home but one thing is for sure, the sight of a beautifully handcrafted ship model miniature is a source of immense joy to the collector or to one who follows one’s hobby faithfully.
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