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Getting the Right Golf Club Irons

By: Dominic Ferrara

Sports and Recreations Golf is a great way to get outside for a few hours a day and if you walk the course and carry your bag it is a great way to get some exercise as well. Before you can get out on the course you need to be sure you get the right equipment and one of the most important sets you will buy is your golf club irons.

There are many things to look for when buying golf club irons and it is always a good idea to buy your first set of golf club irons from a store that has a knowledgeable sales representative available. You may want to consider buying your set of golf club irons from a PGA certified golf pro at a pro shop at your local golf course. PGA stands for the Professional Golfer's Association and a certified PGA Golf Pro will know exactly how to fit you with your first set of golf club irons and then give you the tips you need to know to buy your own golf club irons in the future.

There are two approaches to buying golf club irons. You can purchase a full set or you can buy each club one at a time. The advantage to buying the complete set is that you pay a lot less money for them. The disadvantage is that while you may like the way a couple of the clubs feel the whole set may not be as comfortable for you and you may not get all the clubs you really want.

The advantage to buying clubs one at a time is you get only the clubs you need and you know that every individual club has the right feel for you. The disadvantage is that you will wind up paying a lot more for individual clubs than you would for a set. So figure out if your wallet is more important to you or if you need the best results and then set out to buy your golf club irons.

Knowing the Proper Stance

It is a good idea to take some lessons before buying your first real set of golf club irons. A teacher will show you the proper golf stance and then teach you where the golf club irons fit in that stance. If you don't understand this up front then you could end up purchasing clubs that do not fit into your game and you could find yourself not enjoying the game of golf very much. So take some golf lessons and make sure you pay close attention to the way your instructor tells you to fit the golf club irons into your stance and you will get the maximum results.

After all of that the main thing about buying any golf club is comfort. Make sure the place you are buying your clubs from allows you to swing them to see if they are comfortable or not. Nothing is more important to a golf swing than having comfortable clubs.

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