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Benefits and Therapies Of Sports

By: Sivakorn Siricharoensataporn

Sports and Recreations Participation in sports has been on a steady rise for the last two decades. Millions of kids across the world take part in some kind of sport every year and it is common for children to begin participating in sport activities as early as 4-5 years of age. Participation in sports opens doors for various lessons that help the person in his or her whole lifetime.

Advantages of sports: Some of the most proficient advantages of sports include development in:

- Proficiency in various sport skills - The person's skills that are needed to socialize among the peers and adults. - Confidence and independence of the person - A sense of success, triumph and achievement - Leadership qualities and skills - Agility, endurance, coordination, speed, strength and flexibility - A sense of cooperation and competition - Ability to accept responsibility and make decisions - Imagine, appreciate and express emotions - Good working habits - Temperament

By participating in sports, the person gets to:

- Promote physically fit and healthy style of living - Develop motor and physical skills - Increase personal development like focusing on the task at hand, being on time, listening to what others say and trying the best possible - Learn how to win gracefully and lose respectfully - Experience injury and pain and learn how to work it through - Learn how to handle criticism and take coaching - Help others in the team - Encourage positive attitude in life

Role of Meditation in sports: Sports demand focused attention failing which the person can miss the goal or suffer injury. Sports meditation can help in increasing awareness of other competitors, their body actions and sensations, the external environment, the rhythms of the feet and the bouncing ball. Meditation is also a great way relax and distress, to improve concentration and to maintain a self-observing attitude. It also refreshes the soul and mind of the person and keeps them healthy and rejuvenated.

Sports Massage: It is a kind of body work geared towards sports people. It is used in preventing injuries, preparing the person's body for the athletic activities and maintaining it in the optimal condition. It also helps the sportspersons to recover from injuries and workouts. There are three kinds of sports massage: pre-event, post-event and maintenance massage.

The pre-event massage helps the body to prevent injuries, warm up, stretches and make the muscles of the person flexible. This kind of massage stimulates the blood circulation thus producing a psychological feeling of readiness. A post-event massage helps in reducing any swelling, loosening the tired and stiff muscles, maintaining flexibility, promoting the flow of blood to the muscles and reducing cramping. It also speeds up the recovery process and alleviates the strains, pulls and soreness of the body. A maintenance sports massage has to be done at least one time in a week as it increases the blood flow and nutrients for the muscles, keeps the body tissues loose, reduces scar tissue development and increases flexibility. The main aim of the sports massage is maximizing the athletic performance.

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