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Where can I find LHHI-certified Carriage Driving Instructors in the UK?

By: Ellen Schmidt

Sports Horse carriage driving is one of the fastest growing equestrian sports. It is a very rewarding and occupying out-doors activity in which the whole family can get involved.
There are no age restrictions really, you need just to be fit enough to be able to control your horse(s) at all time.
Carriage driving for the disabled horse lover is a specialty and there are all over the UK clubs that offer the facilities, lessons and competitions to a very high standard.
If you are just starting out, you probably realize soon that driving a horse is much different to riding the same.
Gear and tack is at first kind of "complicated" to put on and there is even a greater safety issue to consider, as you do not sit on the horse directly to give aides, and you are more likely to take part in public traffic than a rider does.
Anyway, don't let this hold you back from getting involved with this rewarding sport and the friendly driving community that stands behind it.
At the beginning you might need to invest into a few lessons with a certified carriage driving instructor who will show you everything you need to know and practice with you driving a cart.
Once you have done this you will feel a lot more confident and will be able to avoid common mistakes that can be expensive at the end.
Your target is to be able to drive out relaxed and you want to feel happy!
Where can you find expert carriage driving instructors?
The British Driving Society (BDS) publishes a list of all instructors with LHHI-status. LHHI stands for light harness horse instructor. To achieve this certification, one needs to complete several levels of testing in competence of horse driving and ability to teach.
Beside the LHH-instructors, the BDS also recognizes experienced instructors who achieved successfully a high standard competence of carriage driving, but do not hold the LHHI certificate as such.
Knowing the locations of excellent and trustworthy instructors should make arranging your personal lessons a breeze.

See here for a map where all instructors working in the UK are listed.

Ellen Schmidt is living and working in Scotland, United Kingdom. Visit http://www.discover-horse-carriage-driving.com.
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