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Collecting High Grade Watches

By: Scott Jarvis

Fashion / Style Having been a collector of fine time pieces for over two decades I have seen the focus of the market go from a virtual underground to a more mainstream type of market. This is especially so now that the internet has proven itself to be a viable place not only for speech but for sales as well. Many if not all of the major manufacturers and retailers have all set up websites. These sites are visited and utilized by thousands of watch fanatics like me every day.

When I began collecting high grade watches as a young adult I spent the majority of my time searching jeweler’s counters and was in and out of stores as well. Finding something unique or very specific was once extremely time consuming and quite the chore. This was particularly difficult when trying to hunt down gold watches. During the days of my early collecting I sought several gold Rolex’s all of which where, at that time quite distinctive and all of which where hard to find.

Though I never let my passion for watches consume me or make me behave in an irresponsible manner I spent countless hours driving to and searching through various types of shops which included, pawn shops, high class jewelers, and stores in the malls. None of these shops had the two of the three watches I had been questing for in stock nor did they provide a means to order the watch. I was told "oh that’s very rare, there’s no order for that". It wasn’t until I found an out of the way dealer after turning down the wrong street that I found what I was looking for. While he had one watch he unlike the others had allowed me to place an order for those other two watches which arrived several weeks later.

These days hunting for high grade watches is far more enjoyable and unproblematic than it once was. With the internet at the ready and the plethora of websites dedicated to watches out there, I can find both common and rare watches with relative ease and I no longer must leave the comfort of my own home to do so. Granted I am usually forced to pay for shipping, it is a small price to for such a convenience.

With just over twenty years of collecting watches behind me it’s not likely that shall ever outgrow or find collecting blasé. I do wonder however how much the internet will change the way collectors find and purchase their watches. I also find myself wondering what might be the next big change. At any rate I do believe that collecting will become easier, less troubling, and easier with time.

Scott has been collecting gold watches for over two decades and enjoys wearing them as well.
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