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Lucrative Job Opportunity in Golf Often Overlooked By Job Seekers

By: Jim Thomas

Sports Imagine yourself on the lush green fairways of Augusta on a warm April Sunday afternoon in front of thousands of adorning fans, or strolling the beautiful courses of Hawaii in the warm sunshine on a January winter day. No I am not talking about being a player on the professional golf tour, (most of us don't come close to having the talent to do that). I am talking about being a caddy on the PGA Tour.

When most think about a job in golf they think along the line of being a club golf professional, assistant golf professional, pro shop sales clerk, starter, ranger, or work in the cart barn. Most of these jobs require long hours at the golf course with minimal pay. There is very little excitement to these positions and often become very mundane. They become like any other boring 9-5 job, the same day to day routine that seems never to end. Although some club professional jobs can be very lucrative, the headache of having 300 or more bosses (all the club members) makes you wonder if it's really worth it. Other positions available are golf course superintendent and golf merchandise sales positions which provide a decent living, but don't entail much excitement.

Why is it when considering employment in the golf arena one tends to forget about the position of a tour caddy? With the popularity of golf growing, and the number of major golf tours increasing, there are more opportunities to be a tour caddy than ever before.

A tour caddie's position is fun, exciting, and can be extremely profitable. Work takes them to destinations like Maui, Honolulu, Pebble Beach, Palm Springs, and Cancun just to name a few. Their work settings give them views of humpback whales frolicking in the warm blue Pacific waters off Maui to the picturesque background of snow capped mountains of the desert courses in Palm Springs. They get to experience first hand the thrill of competition of major sporting events like the Masters, PGA, US, and British Opens. Their income potential is in the upper 20% of most job opportunities, with $100,000 to $200,000 easily attainable, and the potential to earn more.

An average caddy works approximately 30 weeks a year. This gives them about 22 weeks of vacation a year to do what ever they please, golf, fish, hunt, travel, or just relax and do nothing at home. They can live in any city they choose, there are no constraints on where to live; they just need decent access to a major airport for travel purposes. This sure sounds like a pretty good gig to me.

So why is it when most look for a career path, especially in golf, they don't explore the opportunity of a tour caddy? Could it be they just forget about this area, don't think they can get hired at this position, or they just don't know where to begin? I think most just don't know where to begin, a tour caddy recently told me that the number one question he was ask on tour is "How do you get a job as a tour caddy"? He told me he pondered the question for a while and decided to help people out and reveal the secret most tour caddies won't tell. How to get a job as a tour caddy? He has written an e-book that will explain step by step how and where to find a job as a tour caddy, on any of the major golf tours around the world. Go to http://www.pga-golf-tour-caddy-guide.com/Become-a-tour-caddy.html to find out more. This e-book will show you all the different ways to get a job as a caddy on any of the major golf tours.

Next time you need a job or want to make a career change don't forget the possibility of a tour caddy. The secret is out, you can now find out how and where to gain one of these positions.

Jim is a golf professional that is very active around professional tour golf. http://www.pga-golf-tour-caddy-guide.com/
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