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Cheerleading and Cheerleaders Dresses

By: Marc Levack

Sports Cheerleaders and cheerleading is a very much popular word in current sporting world. The popularity of cheerleaders and their activities during the sports are well known to the sports enthusiasts. Cheerleading has become a sport in itself now, started from schools, colleges and universities, it has gained a complete global momentum.

The tradition of cheerleading is very old. It started somewhere in United States during late 18th century as a way of encouragement for athletes during a championship. But official inception of cheerleading can be dated back to Nov. 2, 1898 at University of Minnesota. The person behind this concept of cheerleading was Johnny Campbell, a student of University of Minnesota.

Earlier cheerleading was a show by male performers only. Every school, college and university used to have a team of male cheerleaders to encourage their players and crowd for supporting their favorite teams. Later girls started taking interest in cheerleading and started encouraging crowd by their singing, chanting, dancing and other activities. These days' females are dominating as cheerleaders in almost every sport. It's not National Football League or National Baseball League where cheerleaders used to perform at every achievement by a team or individual players, now one can see cheers of cheerleaders in almost every sports including cricket too.

It's really a wonderful experience for audience present at stadium to watch cheerleaders. The trademark dressing style that includes comfortable dresses for maximum physical comfort and open activities along with a pom-pom and exclusively designed bows are symbols of cheerleaders. Mostly their dresses resembles to the team dress that they are supporting. The special appearance of cheerleaders is decided by the colorful and attractive hair bows worn by them. It is not a mere portion of their dress, these hair bows are very important because they are useful for cheerleaders. It provides support to their hairs during phase of excess physical excitement and activity along with that hair bows also creates a style sense for cheerleaders making them stand apart in crowd.

Cheerleaders take great precaution in choosing a hair bow because it directly affects their cheerleading performance, so they want to have comfortable, stylish, as well as the unique hair bows for them.

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