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Synthetic Lawns Bring Perfection With Little Or No Maintenance

By: Kyle Ehman

Sports Throughout the desert southwest and into California homeowners of all stripes are bracing for the warm summer months. And while a little hot weather may not get them down, the thought of spending hot weekend days in the sun maintaining their yard is a vision they can do without. No matter the weather, a lawn that requires nothing of you but your enjoyment of it is within reach with artificial grass from www.syntheticgrasses.com. Our wholesale synthetic turf, commercial turf, or playground turf is perfect for any green area in any setting, and is made from a longer-bladed polyethylene product that simulates natural grass to a tee.

You may have heard a thing or two about residential synthetic grass as it has grown in popularity, but you canít get the full effect of how one can change your existence for the better until you make the switch. All the past time and effort youíve put into the quest for a perfect lawn can be solved once and for all, and without you lifting a finger in the name of yard work ever again. No more mowing, chemicals, fertilizing, or yard work of any kind; just a perfect yard year-round regardless of the weather conditions or the time of year. And when youíre gone or on vacation youíll leave knowing your grass will be as pristine when you come home as it was when you left.

One of the wonderful and primary advantages of artificial grass is the fact that it requires no watering whatsoever. Homeowners in hot weather areas are used to seeing a bump in their summertime water bills. With synthetic grass that annual bump will, like so many things you experienced with natural grass, be a thing of the past. In fact, you can expect a decrease in your water bill year-round. The added benefit of savings youíll experience makes the addition of artificial grass more and more cost effective as time goes on.

Lawns are meant to be enjoyed, not slaved over. With artificial grass, more and more homeowners and those with other types of green areas to maintain are getting the message that a perfect lawn 365 days a year requires less, and not more, personal effort. A perfect yard is a matter of choice, and this summer when yours is pure perfection and your weekends are your own youíll be glad you made the right choice. When is artificial better than real? Itís better when it applies to artificial grass from www.syntheticgrasses.com.

Kyle Ehman is the president and chief operating officer of southwest greens. Kyle started his career in this industry as a franchisee. After several years his belief in the company led him to accept a position with the corporate offices. www.syntheticgrasses.com
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