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Diamond Engagement Rings

By: Dhaval Suthar

Fashion / Style Ever since the precious stone has found its place in the hearts of lovers, diamond jewelry is the closest to the skin. There are plenty of engagement rings designed especially for the occasion. This is once-in-a-lifetime event that demands a sound investment. Since a good ring can be expensive, have a large budget. The choice of diamonds should be of the highest quality and the product should come from the best store. Before buying consider the size of the ring and the number of studded diamonds. Will it be in combination with other precious stones? What should be the color of the stones? Can they compliment the fiancée’s engagement gown as well?

Most guys shy from buying diamond engagement rings on their own and allow others to do the honors. But if you are budget conscious, look at some designs yourself. It may use up nearly three months of the salary. If it is worth it, buy it! There are many choices in trends-traditional, contemporary and fashionable or even antique. What would be suitable for you? The ring can later be reused on formal occasions also. Platinum is the preferred metal choice for women today. Maybe you could ask her what her choice is keeping your budget constrains.

Although the jewelry will have preset pieces, they can be used a reference for your order. A good color and cut are fine for a better quality diamond. You may want to skip the clarity test if it meets the above perquisites. Ask the jeweler for the loupe to check the diamond. Then choose the setting. It could be a smart solitaire or have dainty filigree design. The rings can be engraved also.

The reputed jeweler ensures that the diamond engagement ring will be appreciated for ever. He guarantees the product and gives service if there is problem with the purchase. Many jewelers are making replica pieces that have be lifted from celebrity engagements. These designs can be customized to fit the bride or the groom’s finger. The grading report should certify the quality of diamond used for the ring. This information should help to seal the deal forever.

There are many shapes of diamonds to choose from. One can get loose diamonds and get a customized ring.
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