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Four C's of Diamond Jewelry

By: Dhaval Suthar

Fashion / Style Sometimes the information is too technical and goes over board. There is nothing complicated in understanding how it works. Once you comprehend, it is easier to buy the ornaments of choice. It then becomes a more priceless investment. The four C’s refer to the buyer’s guide to ensure that the gemstone is precious and not fake. They refer to the cut, clarity, carat and color.

The cut- Out of all the four referrals only the cut is made by man the rest are natural. The diamond cutter is responsible for giving the square, rectangle, round, marquise or oval shape that we see as finished products. A professional cutter spends a long time in polishing it to give it the right cut and sparkle. It is the cut that defines the way the diamond reflects under the source of light. A well cut diamond demands a higher price.

The Clarity- A well cut and clear gemstone is another hallmark of a priceless piece. Through the normal eye we are unable to see any defects. When the clarity rating is taken the imperfections show how much valuable the piece is. The imperfections are of two types. One is inclusions (present within the item), blemishes (external). If the imperfections are the least then the diamond comes under the rare and exclusive range. The price of the piece is very expensive.

Carat- This is the medium the diamonds are weighed. It is the size of the stone that determines how valuable it is. The bigger the gem, the higher the price it will fetch.

Color-Diamonds are crystal clear or come in champagne or pink hues. The color grades are determined between D-Z. Between D-F, the stones are colorless. Between G-J have faint color schemes. Between I-J, one can see colors even with the naked eye.

The four C’s are very simple and also essential so that you do not get duped while buying. Being well-informed assists in getting value for money for the ornaments. The quality of the diamond you buy will make sure the investment can prove to be a legacy worth its weight. Combined with gold, silver or platinum, and with other precious stones diamonds can be the crowing glory of any ornament.

The four C’s refer to the buyer’s guide to ensure that the gemstone is precious and not fake. They refer to the cut, clarity, carat and color.
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