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Various Facts About Cars You Didn't Know It

By: Sivakorn Siricharoensataporn

Autos and Trucks Cars, which have truly redefined the definition of vehicles which can run on roads are considered as an ideal vehicle to accommodate one to five people at a time and are basically meant for commuting purpose of people rather than transporting stuff from one place to the other.

This is one of the main reasons why other cost-effective and environment friendly options, such as hydrogen and compressed natural gas (better known as CNG) are being used as fuel options in the car. Apart from this, there are also some other variants of cars, which can even run on electricity and steam. Most of the cars, which run on electricity, are hybrid, battery vehicles have been launched successfully in very few developed countries of the world. The rest of the people around the globe continue to make use of diesel, gasoline and bio-alcohols for effective running of their cars.

With the rising popularity of vehicles among people and the growing per capita income of the individuals all over the world, the demand for cars have begun to rise steadily. This is one of the main reasons why there are a large number of car manufacturers around the world, producing world-class quality cars and thus selling them all over the world. Some of the major car manufacturing giants in the automobile industry are Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Nissan and Toyota among others. These car companies are renowned for producing some of the most beautiful and fast cars. With the growing demand of cars among the mass, there are various car manufacturing brands coming up in the market.

Though cars form an important part of the lifestyle of each and every individual today, one aspect which cannot be ignored is that car accidents have been on a considerable rise in the last few years. It has been reported that car accidents are the cause of 25 percent of deaths caused by injury around the world. Each and every car comes pre-equipped with safety tools, such as air bags, seat belts and emergency brakes yet other external factors, such as ruthless driving and poor maintenance of the car can be some of the major reasons for increasing car accidents. Though most of the people drive around in cars to their work or study areas, cars are still one expensive asset any individual owns and thus, proper research and assessment of personal requirements should be done in order to adjudge which car to go for - whether a basic level or a luxury sedan.

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