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Chipping Around The Green

By: J Cavell

Sports A chip shot is one typically played from within a few yards of the putting surface. Usually played with a 6-, 7-, 8- or 9-iron or pitching wedge with the ball played back in the player's stance. This particular blend of ball position and club results in a shot that is in the air about 1/3 of the time and then rolls about 2/3 of the time before landing near the cup. Chip shots are often confused with a pitch shot which is played further from the green and meant to have a higher flight path with the ball landing closer to the pin with minimal roll.

Some of the typical issues amateurs have with chipping include:

1. Topping the ball A shot in which the golfer very nearly swings over the ball, with impact between club and ball occurring near the crown of the golf ball.

2. Hitting thin - A shot in which the clubhead strikes the ball too high (near its midpoint or slightly lower), often resulting in a low, sometimes slicing shot that can travel a long distance.

3. Grounding A shot in which the clubhead hits the ground to far behind the ball.

4. Bladeing A shot where the ball sails completely over the green.

5. Shanking - A mis-hit that is so bad the golfer makes contact with the ball with a part of the club other than the clubface.

The basic cause of these typical issues golfers have can be found in the shot set up. Basically the groundwork necessary for a successful chip shot can be found in three positions:

1. Position the golf ball in the middle of your stance. Keeping the ball in the middle of your stance will provide more consistent impact. Placing the ball too far forward in your stance will have you topping the ball, hitting the ball thin or pulling it to the left. Conversely, having the ball too far back will cause you to top the ball, shank it and push it to the right.

2. For right handed golfers, 75% of your weight should be on your left foot. This makes sure that you are hitting down on the ball as opposed to hitting up. It is important to make sure that you keep your weight on your front foot during the back swing.

3. Grip down on the club to the end of the grip and point the grip end of the club to the middle of your left leg. When you grip down to the end of the grip you will make certain to have more control during impact. To eliminating topping and thin shots, try moving the grip part of the club further across your left leg which provides the necessary downward angle.

J. Cavell is an amateur golfer from New Jersey who loves the game of golf. Like others, he wants to improve his golf game to make it a more pleasurable experience. He is a valued contributor to http://www.Authority4Golf.com
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