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Blu-ray movies- The future of cinema.

By: Kaitlin Dasia

Television / Movies We all love to watch the latest movies and even the age old classics. Earlier, we used to watch the movies on the tape cassettes, later came the advanced compact disks that provided better display. The advancement in technology led to introduction of the DVDs which were more efficient and sophisticated. The latest format with which we can have the most astounding experience while watching our favourite movies is the innovative Blu-ray technology. The latest Blu-ray movies are a great craze amongst the people these days. The movie lovers admire these movies as they are in wonderful format and present amazing display.

Over the years there has been a great enhancement in the technology. There have been new innovations in every arena - be it entertainment, communication or electronics. We have been using the various storage devices like the hard disk, compact disk, DVDs or the conventional magnetic tape drives. The substantial increase in the storage capacity of these devices has given better experience to the users. The newest innovation in this arena is the wonderful Blu-ray disks which are immensely efficient and have great storage capacity. These disks have other advanced features also which make them absolutely admirable. These disks are also known as the BD and are highly sophisticated optical disks that have been developed by several pioneering brands that deal with the manufacturing of personal computers, consumer electronics and storage media. The Blu Ray Disc Association is associated with big names like Mitsubishi, Panasonic , Samsung, Sony, Thomson, Apple etc.

The disk has been specially created to facilitate high definition video playback, storing mammoth amount of data and rewriting. These amazing disks have nearly five times more storage capacity than the old DVDs. The BD can hold upto 25 GB of data in single layer and 50 GB on the double layer disks. The high storage capacity of these disks ensure that the consumers get amazing experience with them. These advanced storage media comes with the ability to offer advanced video playback and amazing audio codecs. So now the users will be able to enjoy wonderful movies on this innovative new media.

Unlike the present optical disk storage media viz DVD, DVD RAM etc. The BD relies on the blue ultra violet (UV) laser rays for writing and reading data from the disk instead of the red laser. The reason behind the use of the blue UV rays is that they have shorter wave length and thus can focus more precisely on the intended spot. This helps to pack the data more tightly and hence more information can be stored in lesser space. The Blu ray movies disks thus have comparatively larger storage capacity in spite of being of the same size a CD or a DVD. These disks are using the aperture of .85 mm that makes them more efficient and they can store upto 25 to 50 GB of data.

These advanced disks are truly wonderful and efficient. The most incredible aspect of these efficient disks is that they give amazing video playbacks. Thus watching movies on them is a complete pleasure. You can get the most awesome display with the great capabilities of these disks. The Blu-ray movies are totally invigorating and magical. Many big players and entertainment houses have greatly supported this format. Recently, many movies have been released in this newest format to ensure that the users get the best experience with them. Disney, Warner Brothers, MGM and Paramount are the leading studios and they have presented many movies on the Blu ray format.

These days, all the latest Blu ray movies are readily available on the internet. One can easily find the highly entertaining and mesmerising movies that have the best quality displays and great playback. These latest movies are totally invigorating and you will never feel bored or disappointed while watching them. These movies are a perfect alternative to the CDs and DVDs.

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