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The NewAir ADS-500 Mini Dehumidifier Product Review: Functions for Freshness

By: Erin Lynn

Product Reviews Humidity: on a hot day it can cause you major discomfort. It can stop you from sleeping well at night. An excess of humidity can have long term effects as well. The dust mite population in your home can increase which can be a hindrance to the health of allergy sufferers. If there is condensation on the windows, water pipes and walls can cause paint to blister and wall paper to peel. Moisture also makes metals rust and wood warp which can cause doors and drawers to stick. If there is condensation in electric items, irreparable damage may be the result. This can also be very dangerous. Musty odors and eventually mold, mildew and fungus can appear as well which are also dangerous to your health. A dehumidifier not only helps you ward against these effects of excess moisture, it can keep you comfortable as well. The recommended indoor humidity level is 40-50% and a dehumidifier can help you keep your humidity in that range.

The NewAir ADS-500 Mini Dehumidifier is an appliance that can help you control excess humidity. There are certain features you should look for in a dehumidifier. One is that it automatically shuts off when the water storage tray is full. The NewAir ADS-500 Mini Dehumidifier has this feature so that when the spill-proof tank is full it will shut off by itself. Another thing to look for on a dehumidifier is a visual indicator that the water tray is full. The ADS-500 has a red indicator light to alert you when the tray is full.

An on/off switch is important so that you donít need access to the main socket (which can be inconvenient). The NewAir ADS-500 Has a large on/off switch for easy control. There are indicator lights to tell you whether the unit is on or off as well.

An air filter can be useful to allergy sufferers. The ADS-500 has a built-in ionizer to get rid of particulates in the air. The anionic function discharges negative ions to freshen while eliminating mildews and odors. It also has an activated carbon filter to adsorb odors and pollutants. There are also thermo-electric peltiers instead of a compressor. This means that this unit is whisper quiet and can be used in bedrooms, nurseries, small offices and other small areas. In fact, on the low setting, the noise level of the NewAir ADS-500 is only 41 decibels.

Erin Lynn is a product specialist with vast knowledge of dehumidifiers. For more information about the New Air ADS-500 visit http://www.air-n-water.com/product/ADS-500.htm. For more information about dehumidifiers visit http://www.air-conditioner-home.com/faq_dehumidifiers/.
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