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7 Celebrity Maternity Secrets

By: Hannah Thompson

Fashion / Style Fashionistas around the globe are becoming fixated on celebrity maternity style and who wouldn’t blame them? "I bet she looks fat in that!" (snigger snigger) is whats on everybody’s mind, but time after time, celebrity A Listers appear in public looking fan-bloody-tastic ….how come, and how can we get the same look?

Secret Number 1

Its all in the maternity style! You gotta invest in some hot maternity clothing that is edgy, colourful with up to the minute style. Its ok buying a size up in regular clothing, but as your shape changes, so does the ability to look hot in regular clothes. So this is our very obvious secret: source out hot maternity wear! You know, these days, maternity wear is styled on what’s fashionable at the present time and gone are the days of flowing pinafores, tents and bibs n’ braces.

Secret Number 2

Don’t be afraid to layer it all up! In other words, go boho! Don’t be afraid to put stripes with floral or lace with hot colours, layer over layer. This works really well in the cooler months but remember to keep it simple. Don’t overdo it! Experiment and have fun.

Secret Number 3

Go the extra mile for really important events. So many beautiful gowns, maxi dresses and minis are around at the moment in gorgeous prints and colours. Remember that your pregnancy should be a time to remember and you wanna remember yourself looking and feeling gorgeous and radiant. Baby showers, birthdays, office parties, hot dinner dates and family get-togethers – treat yourself to a few pieces of girly dresses and bask in the adoring looks that you are sure to receive!

Secret Number 4

Enhance the Glow! There’s gotta be some benefits to being pregnant, right? Make the most of that gorgeous shiny hair and strong nails and take time out for manicures (even if you have to do it yourself!) and trips to the hairdressers. You shouldn’t need much make up as the new you will be glowing with radiance!

Secret Number 5

Key maternity pieces such as wrap skirts & dresses, tops and skirts with shirred panels and fabrics in soft jersey and lycra will ensure you look amazing without the bulk! Gone are the days when jersey was considered drab, boring and cheap! Nowadays, it made from super soft materials which not only drape fabulously but actually make you look slimmer, just enhancing the bump. Lycra used to only be used for swimwear or dancewear, but now it is available in gorgeous colours with lots of stretch-a-bility to create amazing styles that accentuates the bumps, curves and growing boobs.

Secret Number 6

Lets talk sexy maternity lingerie! Gone are the days of the shoulder boulder nursing and maternity bras, now we have some seriously sexy lingerie that brings a smile to everybody’s face. It simple: if you feel good, then you look good – its shows in your confidence and the way that you walk and talk.

Secret Number 7

Don’t hide your body! This is probably the most important rule of all and its very true. If you hide it, then you’re probably gonna end up looking bigger. Use belts positioned above the bump (on your torso’s smallest area) to ‘bring in’ wide smock flowing maternity tops and don’t be afraid of figure hugging fabrics layered to create a very sexy and feminine look.

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