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Synthetic Backyard Putting Greens A Friend To The Environment

By: Mark Swaim

Sports Southwest Greens of Bakersfield has had the pleasure of bringing the game of golf to the backyards of many of your friends and neighbors courtesy of our backyard putting greens. Those whoíve made the leap have seen it enhance both their game and their home, and in doing so have enjoyed the additional benefit of making their yard more environmentally friendly. Whether you know it or not, maintaining natural grass can have an ill effect on the environment. With one of our putting greens made from the finest artificial grass in the industry, those ill effects go by the wayside. commercial synthetic turf installations

Exactly how can one of our golf greens benefit the environment? In this case itís a matter of what you wonít have to do that will make all the difference. Namely the yard work we associate with natural grass and the pitfalls associated with it. Taken your car out for a 100 mile trip lately? If youíve recently used your lawnmower for just one hour then youíve done the equivalent. Another byproduct of mowing is the releasing of hydrocarbons into the air. Each time you mow this happens, and when it does those hydrocarbons float into the atmosphere and reinvent themselves as smog. Finally, synthetic turf eliminates the need for watering altogether. The average homeowner uses 25 gallons of water per square foot of lawn. In an era of water shortages thatís just plain wasteful, but itís a number you can decrease significantly with a green made from artificial grass.

The common denominator in eliminating all of these issues is the low to no maintenance associated with synthetic turf. Nobody installs a Southwest Green to save the environment, but itís an awfully nice byproduct of experiencing the game you love in the comfort of your own backyard. Everyone likes to make a difference, and when all thatís required of you to do so is to have fun at home then itís an easy thing to do.

Many before you have discovered the fun and enhanced home value associated with a Southwest Greens putting green. Bring a sense of convenience to the game you love, and share that love with family and friends without ever leaving your home. While youíre at it, eliminate the lionís share of your backyard maintenance and the environmental pitfalls that come with it. Itís the best of both worlds, and itís waiting at Southwest Greens.

My name is Mark Swaim. Bakersfield has been my home my entire life. Being born and raised here I feel a definite sense of family and community and I strive to pass on the traditions that I know with my children, grandchildren and someday great-grandchildren. Admiring my father and being eager to golf with him, I began my golfing career by putting and chipping into a laundry basket in my back yard. My father was a stickler for etiquette and would not let me on a course until I proved myself.
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