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The Big Boys And Their Toys

By: Laarni Ruiz

Repairs Men treat cars as their best friends. There exists between men and their cars a certain kind of inexplicable bond – a merger of "camaraderie" and "romance." It is safe to assume that the men are "having" a romantic relationship with their respective cars while also keeping the noble concept of platonic friendship in it. Seeing how important cars are to men, it is not unlikely to imagine why a lot of automobile clubs exists, particularly in metropolitan New York. These men, who are members of different clubs, always keep it sure that they bring their cars to reputable New York auto repair services and New York car repair services because they care so much for their car "best friends." Companies, which offers New York auto electrical repair services, stand as the keys for this strong relationship to continually bloom.

The existence of different automobile clubs proves this mysterious attraction and connection between men and cars. One of these automobile clubs based in New York is the MG Car Club of Western New York. Since 1958, the club provided an official center for car rallying enthusiasts in New York. The club also supports a number of local charities. The donations they give to these charities mostly came from the proceeds of the different annual car shows they organize. The club also provides a yearly scholarship at Monroe Community College Auto Technology Center.

Another notable automobile club in New York is the Car Club Association of Central New York. Founded in 1988 by car enthusiasts across New York, the club’s aim is to create a big network of men with the same passion – passion for the ins and outs of automobiles. The club also provides different car shows and raises money for different local charities.

The Dream Machines Car Club of CNY is another notable automobile club in New York. According to the club’s website, The Dream Machines Club gives its members a workplace where each could update and fix their respective cars freely. Other notable car clubs in New York includes the Sports Car Club of America, the Green Car Club, BMW Car Club of America and the Antique Automobile Club of America.

Indeed, the relationship of men to their cars is a wonder waiting to be "analyzed" sometime in the future. Why do men love their cars so much? Well, up until the present, nobody could give a definite answer to this question. Maybe, it patterns with what Hal Rubenstein of the New York Times said: "It [car] goes anywhere he wants, never expects a phone call, or commitment, and lets him dress as he pleases. No wonder he's in love."

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Laarni Ruiz is a registered web copywriter in a web design company associated with a company offering New York car repair services.
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