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Important Things To Check Before Buying A Used Car

By: Abir Roychowdhury

Repairs Speed..Speed..Speed. In this new jet era the ultimate mantra to survive in this earth is speed. Whether you are an employee or an employer it doesnít matter. You must have to reach in time to your destination. In the public vehicles it is almost impossible to reach your work place or destination just in time. It is always recommended that you must have to own a car whether it is a brand new or a used one.

It always costs cheap if you buy a used car in comparison to the brand new cars. You can find the prices of an old car just by going through any paper pricing guide or a website that publishes the prices of old cars. Used car websites often make it easier to find out the price list of the cars according to the models and years. You can also find the condition and the picture of the car on those used car websites.

Now it plays in your mind which things you should check before buying a used car. If you buy the car from a car dealer definitely you will get some advantages like the car would be already bean inspected and tested. All the mechanical problems would be solved. And the car would have a limited warranty from the dealer. Many new car dealers sell the used car also after a thorough visual and mechanical inspection and necessary repairing that reflects the top condition. But this can cost you much as the dealer has to make the car almost new.

If you wish to buy a used car from the private seller or the directly from the car owner it will cost you much lesser. But be prepared to minimize the risk factors. It is highly recommended to have an expert mechanic, who has that much of expertise and can identify the potential faults of the cars. The private sellers or the car owners can hide the problems even if they know about those to maximize their profits. This is your duty to make it sure that the car is fully inspected and tested impartially and just ask for a certificate.

Always check these few things before buying like check the carís body whether there is any crack or scratches, condition of the mirrors, wipers, lights etc. then check the conditions of the tires. Check the carís interior including the seats, seat arrangements. Open all doors with the key. Make it sure whether all the doors are working or not. And always make sure that all the facilities of the car are ok and ready to use and you have the full control on all the accessories. Then check the transmission whether all the gears and clutches breaks are in good condition. Check the engine condition and battery. Then ask for the test drive. Check whether the car starts smoothly or not. Check the noise. Make sure the steering wheel is working fine or not and all the necessary comforts are there. Check the audio system (if necessary). Check the carís history and the record details like service records, outstanding liabilities on the car from financial institutions, tax papers & the accident history. After getting all those check the papers with the related departments of the government.

Then go for the contract. But again please do not sign a contract and pay advance for the car with anyone until you are sure the car is perfect for you.

If you follow all these tips and take along the checklist, you will definitely be satisfied with your car.

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