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Write Your Vision In Your Subconscious If You Want To See It Made Manifest In Your Life

By: David Hurley

Lifestyle Something that Matt Morris wrote in a recent edition of the Success University newsletter about "goals" and "vision" really struck me the other day.

Here's what he said:

"We all know what a goal is, but vision is a topic of confusion for many. To put it in the simplest of terms, your vision is how you see yourself. You can set goals all day long, but if you cannot truly see yourself achieving them, your goals will never be realized. To accomplish a goal, you must truly expect to achieve it."

The key word is "see".

How many of us fail to achieve goals because we don't give them real substance in the subconscious by visualizing them taking place? I still have pages of old diaries full of "year goals" that were never achieved, year in and year out. They were worthy enough goals, but they lacked any deep vision of success.

The problem with setting your goals without first seeing your vision is that you are failing to appeal to your subconscious mind with pictures that compel. If you do not appeal to your subconscious with a clear picture it is unlikely that your life will change.

As anybody who knows Matt Morris will tell you, he grew up amidst poverty and low expectations. By constantly focusing on how broke he was his circumstances came to dominate his subconscious mind.

Matt writes:

"I had no idea that my vision, which is trained by my subconscious mind, was overriding my efforts to succeed."

The subconscious mind will draw on whatever is to hand. If poverty and failure are the only materials to hand, they will be drawn upon and they will certainly continue to show up in your life.

But you CAN change the vision your subconscious works with. The subconscious level of the mind is influenced by what other people say about you, by your experiences in life and by what YOU think about yourself.

So, here are three things to do if you want to prepare the ground and plant your vision deep in the fertile soil of your mind:

1. Hang around less with people who put you down. Look for one or more mentors to give you guidance and feed your vision. If you cannot find a good mentor, try an online mentoring programme such as Matt Morris's Success University, which is what I have been using.

2. Reinterpret your own history more positively. Turn your past into a source of strength, not weakness and self-defeat.

3. Change the way you speak and think about yourself. This is where positive thinking is important - in the thoughts you think about yourself.

Start to build your vision in thought pictures and impress them upon your subconscious mind as vividly and as often as possible. Again, the support of an organization like Success University will provide you with daily reinforcement and help in this area of personal reorientation.

When your subconscious is impressed with a clear vision it will work towards your goals through flashes of inspiriation, changes in posture, attitude and expectation, which will, in turn lead you to take action or respond to opportunities.

David Hurley is a British Internet marketer who lives in Japan. He runs Grasp-The-Nettle.com, a website dedicated to spurring on anybody seeking to set up and succeed online. A free "Internet marketing startup" newsletter full of marketing advice, tips, and secrets are available at =>http://grasp-the-nettle.com . It comes complete with a series of FREE Internet marketing guides plus over 30 money-saving, influence expanding resources.
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