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Top Tips To Get Success In Love

By: Rajagopalan Srinivasan

Relationship Love
ē Medically, it is illustrated as the end result of changes in the amount of secretion of hormones such as estrogen and androgen in human bodies during the time of getting into teen age or so.
ē As according to poets, it is a spontaneous overflow of feelings of humans when get attracted by the specific features of opposite sex.

Anyway, every human being should be tested by this pleasant feeling at least once in their life. Falling in love with someone is not a strange or difficult thing to be happened. But the problem everyone faces is to maintain the affection between each other and keeping the attraction for ever. Sometimes it will be harder even to maintain the relationship.

Here are some tips (for men) to make your love a successful and an eternal one:

1. Always keep herself guessing about you. Donít let her to come to a conclusion about your unique features like your character, your sympathy, your attractions, your special skills, and your thoughts. It keeps her interested in always thinking of you and makes a thirst in her to know the next thing of excellence in yourself.
2. Donít hesitate to praise her specialties. Even if she possess those are not, always practice some appraisals during you talk. No problem, lies sounds sweet between lovers even both of them can realize those.
3. Donít attempt to compare her with other ladies. Women donít like themselves being compared with others. As according to them, they are the only unique human beings in this whole world who are blessed to be such.
4. Donít express your jealousy. If you show your jealousy with other menís unique features, then that will make her to think that the thing which makes you jealous is the most important thing to be possessed by a man to be loved by her.
5. Avoid self appraisals. It will not only get her bored, but also makes her to analyze whether you are really deserved to be that proud or not.
6. Show your respect to her opinions. Even if those are useless, try to praise her opinions and thoughts as the wisest thing in the world.

The above said tips are to keep her interested in relationship with you. But the most important things to remember are as follows:

1. Women like person who are kind and supportive and warmth more than who are being heroes.
2. Be lawful and loyal to your partner to receive the same from her.
3. The only thing which will keep your love eternal is love and love only.

Wish you all the best.

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