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Car Maintenance

By: Christine Beals

Maintenance Preventive maintenance is vital to keep your car in tip top shape. Itís also important to keep it safe and running smoothly. With proper care your car will last longer and some of the expensive problems that can arise can be avoided. A well-maintained car is not only safer, itís more economical, lasts longer and produces less pollution. Another great aspect to a well-maintained care is itís resell value. You can expect a higher selling price if itís properly kept.

An easy place to start is by making a simple car maintenance checklist. A checklist could include things like: checking the engine oil, automatic transmission fluid, coolant level, power steering fluid, CV joints, and tire pressure on periodic dates. Also, regular oil changes are very important to keep your engine running in good shape. Typically most cars are required to receive an oil change every 3,000 Ė 5,000 miles so be sure to make a note of that. Also, many experts agree you should have your car inspected once a year by a mechanic for added safety.

A car maintenance tip that is often overlooked is exterior care. Wash your car regularly and be sure to wax it once in a while to keep the car body shiny and free of corrosion. If you care for the paint of the car it will be easy to repair minor scratches and remove scuffs left by other objects from the paint on the car. On the flip side of exterior, is interior care. Clean interior not only looks great itís better for your health. Whether you are preparing your care for sale or simply wanting to keep it clean, a periodic detail is a good idea.

Another important tip to remember is as soon as you feel something is different with your car, take it to a dealer or garage as soon as you can for an inspection. Any kind of irregular noise, vibration, shaking, warning light, or fluid leak may make the car unsafe for driving. Itís definitely wiser to check out any small problem before it becomes a major, and more expensive, concern. For your safety, a mechanic can do more than just a visual inspection. A mechanic can lift your car and check major components such as brakes, suspension, etc., while also having your tires rotated, for example. Following these tips, along with being familiar with your vehicles ownerís manual should add many years to the life of your car.

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