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Your Success in Life is Determined by Your Perception and Interpretation of Life

By: Rose Kirkland

Lifestyle Your success in life or lack of success will depend on your interpretation and interpretation of life. In the home-based industry mindset is the most important thing and your attitude will determine your altitude. Your perception about something can be "life changing". Have you ever been asked if your glass is half empty or half full? Your answer to this is important because of "HOW" you see life. This interpretation is the first secret to success and describes what success is. It all begins with your perception and interpretation of how you see the world and your place in it. How we perceive things ultimately shapes our reality, our circumstances, and our lives.

Perception is a very powerful tool at our disposal and unfortunately, most people donít use it or they use it to create the life that they DONíT want. The beauty about perception is that we can change it to suit our needs and ultimately, create the life we DOwant which is a life filled with success, happiness, health, and abundance.

What You See is What You Get! So, how do you see things? By this I mean how do you view the people around you? How do you view your friends, family, colleagues, and strangers? Do you think some of them are a being a pain, annoying you, theyíre difficult; they frustrate you, or are out to get you? For example: If you see a family member as a pain, you are always going to bring out the side in that person that is a pain towards you. If you see your colleagues as jealous, competitive, or vindictive, then youíre always going to bring out those qualities in them because that is what you will see in them.

What is success? Well, you can see people in a negative light and attract that side of them to you OR do you see them as being friendly, warm, caring, affectionate, loving, understand, and positive people? How you see a person is what you bring out of them. The truth is that the only way you will truly see the good in the other person is to focus on their good qualities and you will only attract good things to yourself. Choose to see these positive qualities within them and therefore; that is what you will getóthe best side of them. What you believe is what you will get and this will contribute to your success in life!

However, I know that sometimes we donít want to see this dark side of ourselves which is our negative perceptions. We rationalize and justify our behavior as to "why" we believe what we believe. We use an excuse for our behavior because it seems easier than having to take responsibility for our thoughts and the interpretations we use! Therefore, you will keep bringing out the worst in others by focusing on seeing only the dark side of their character. The chances are that when you look very closely; most people are not as mean and unkind as you think they are.

Everyone and everything is a reflection of ourselves! They are a "mirror" to us. Yes, I know that is something we donít want to hear! I can think of many times when my life changed instantly when I changed the interpretation I was giving to a person or to a situation. The weaknesses we see in others are really the weaknesses within ourselves. Otherwise, we wouldnít see them out there in others. It has to be within us for us to see it. It is only our "perception" and our "interpretation" and these can be changed.

Businesswoman, Rose Kirkland assists Women to be success stories and inspiration to others. The fact that you are investigating the home-based business industry is a sign that you have dreams and trust in those dreams. Let me assist you come visit: Success and Freedom
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