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Stress Comes In Many Forms

By: Colin Cherry

Stress Management In today's busy world everyone will experience stress at some point in their life. It cannot be avoided. Stress can be a good thing. It prompts our body to release chemicals into our bloodstream to help us cope with everyday problems. But prolonged exposure to stress can cause long-term psychological and even physical damage.

The American Psychological Association has categorized three main types of stress that people commonly experience. Considering the implications involved in some forms of this condition - heart problems, depression, and fatigue - it is important to recognize the signs and symptoms.


This is a very common form of the condition. It is a temporary form of tension that tends to go away rather quickly and can be a reaction to both good and bad situations. One example of this form of stress as a "good" reaction is the "buzz" or feeling of exhilaration that can be experienced after a particularly exciting roller coaster ride. An example of a reaction to a "bad" situation would be the "butterflies in the stomach" feeling we feel before a visit to the dentist.

This form of stress generally has no long term harmful effects since it usually disappears relatively quickly.

Acute Episodic

This type of stress can be a little more serious and is common among those people who tend to worry a lot and feel they are in a constant state of panic. When people are consistently late, disorganized, constantly worried and have too many things that are going on at once, this type of tension can hit on a frequent basis. Needless to say, this form of stress does not give rise to any good reactions.

The symptoms of episodic tension are similar to regular acute tension, but they can have long-term impacts. People who suffer from frequent episodes of acute tension are more subject to heart disease, high blood pressure, tension headaches and more.


This is the kind of stress that most people deal with on a daily basis. It can stem from financial situations, poor relationships, trauma and even lousy working conditions. While its effects are often easy to ignore at first, it can lead to some serious outcomes. This type of stress is associated with heart attacks, outbursts of violence, stroke and even suicide.

Stress can be a normal bodily reaction to a scary or even fun and exhilarating situation. It can also be a long-term killer. Keeping stress under control and limiting it where it can be can help people enjoy life to the fullest and avoid some serious medical conditions down the road.

Colin Cherry writes on a broad range of subjects. For a copy of his free report "Stop Suffering from Panic and Anxiety", check out his website at http://www.stressrelieftipsonline.com
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