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Angel Perfume

By: Al Mcclure

Beauty Where Angels Fear to Tread

Angel fragrance driven by intensity, moved by passion, challenged by ideologies, coloured by the sea, kissed by the sun, wandering in uncanny bliss… Angel perfume. What comes to mind when you hear the name of this designer cologne for women? Even if you have never had the privilege of taking a whiff of this aromatic, fruit and patchouli-scented fragrance for women, close your eyes and bring forth the image that the name calls forth.

Winged beings, pearly gates, fluffy clouds and golden harps; they don't call it Angel Perfume for nothing. Angel Perfume by the designer Thierry Mugler is one of the more popular designer fragrances, and for good reason. It was first designed as a part of the Secrets D'Angel body collection, consisting of perfumes and body sprays aimed at enticing one's sense of smell as well as hair masks and face masks aimed at making a person look as lovely as they smell when wearing Angel perfume and Secrets D'Angel products.

The Angel Image

Angel perfume is for everyone, not just the world-class women that the cologne is advertised with. While it can make any woman feel like an aristocratic beauty, with hints of sandalwood and patchouli mixed in a formula that has not yet been duplicated successfully by any company. The soft, subtle fragrance that is contained in the Angel perfume bottle is surprisingly unlike any fragrance on the market to date, something that is not often accomplished in this day and age of technology where duplication happens all too often.

An All-Purpose Fragrance for an All-Purpose Woman

As far as designer fragrances go, Angel perfume is all-purpose; it is not too overpowering to wear to work or the gym but it is perfect for an intimate night in or a hot night out on the town. It is refreshing and divine, lasting as long as you need it. There is something about a fragrance that can be worn everyday and at any time during the day that is hard to resist for a woman; sure it is interesting to have different fragrances for different occasions, but Angel serves the purposes of both day and evening equally well. That is something that is hard to find in a designer fragrance, and costing upwards of $100 for a small bottle of it, it just ought to serve so many purposes.

Simply the Best in Designer Fragrances

In 1998, Thierry Mugler's Angel fragrance knocked the infamous Chanel No. 5 from their number one spot on the list of designer fragrances. In addition, they have been inducted into the Fragrance Foundations' coveted Hall of Fame, the equivalent of a platinum record in the perfume industry. It is used by women all around the world, many of which has an extensive collection of perfume and chose to add Angel perfume due to its heightened reputation.

Mugler's Angel perfume is unlike any other fragrance on the market today. Any fragrance that can bring the infamous Chanel No. 5 fragrance for women to its knees and enter into the Fragrance Foundation Hall of Fame all in one decade has got to be a big deal, right? For those out there looking to find the perfect signature fragrance for them, Angel perfume for women just might be it.

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