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A Definition of Marriage and Divorce

By: Andrew Tenco

Marriage Society often dictates the kind of actions we take in our lives, especially when it comes to marriage and divorce. King Henry VIII started an entire church so he could divorce his first wife in order to marry again. History has also shown us examples of when divorce was considered taboo, and marriage was thought of as a lifelong duty. Fathers would marry off their daughters to men they never laid eyes on before simply because it made an "agreeable match," securing either wealth, prestige, or both. Today things are much different and society tends to look upon divorce not as taboo, but rather as an unspoken option with marriage.

A lack of proper communication in a marriage is viewed by some as the leading factor behind a divorce. Endless negative comments by your spouse can bring down even the happiest of individuals, leaving you feeling dejected and miserable. Overcoming negativity in a marriage can be difficult, but it is possible. Some ways to avoid negativity can be listening to a favorite song, taking a walk or reading a good book. Spouses can help their partner overcome negativity by not taking it personally and looking for underlying causes. Using positive reinforcement, such as surrounding yourselves with positive people, spending quality time with one another, or acknowledging positive accomplishments can help break the chain of negativity. In the long run, positive conversations and attitudes can be the difference between marriage and divorce.

What is the union of two people, and how does such an institution end? The way that you view marriage and divorce can be derived from your family history. Parent's divorce with petty quarrels and lack of affection, may influence the fear of their children to fail in their own marriage According to a recent survey, children from a broken home are twice as likely to have their own marriages fail. People whose parents have divorced are more likely to view divorce as a viable solution to a failed marriage. Children of divorced parents often enter a marriage retaining the standards they saw growing up. Before getting married, you should discuss your respective family origins. It is important that you both know about each other's childhood and your relationship with your parents. With greater understanding of each other's backgrounds, it becomes easier to attain your marriage goals.

Financial stress often enters a marriage and can play a role in a divorce. Before getting married, sit down and discuss what you are expecting from the marriage financially. For example, discuss whether joint or separate checking accounts are desired. Examine each others saving plan and then work out a new joint plan. It's important to understand each other's spending habits before tying the knot. This will give you an idea of where your money will be spent once you are living together. Most of us avoid talking about uncomfortable personal subjects such as money. But we often let money rule our lives. The role that money will play in a marriage is as important as determining the parental roles for raising children.

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