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Stress Relief How to Deal with Stress

By: Dr Anne

Stress Management Life, Love, and Stress

Many people in the world we live in today experience some form of stress. The inevitable stress is something that happens to all of us and leads many on a quest to find some way to deal with it. Stress relief is a great option because it provides you with a manageable and healthy way to deal with the stresses of everyday life, with work and school and other activities many adults, teens and children experience stress, which is why scientists have tried to find ways that will safely reduce those stresses.

When it comes to stress relief a lot of people turn to therapy or relaxation techniques to deal with stress, this is a very popular form of stress relief because in most cases it provides fast results and allows the person to calm down and reflect. Remember that stress will never totally disappear because no matter what, stress in going to occur whether you try to stop it or not, it is a natural part of life. Stress can also help you, it is not all bad, it can be a good motivator for people who need that extra push in work or school.

Eustress, Distress and How to Deal

If you are considering stress relief, you should first consider what kind of stress you are experiencing, not all stress is bad stress. There are two main kinds of stress, Eustress and distress. The first kind called Eustress, refers to positive or healthy stress, the Greek word for "good" is Eu which provides us with the term Eustress or good stress. This kind of stress can propel you to work harder, it gives you drive and motivation to do your best at whatever you have to do. Eustress can be any kind of stress that has a positive experience behind it. The second kind of stress is distress which can be seriously harmful for you and the people around you, this kind of stress can make you cave under pressure, make you feel sick and fatigued. Usually distress is triggered by a traumatic event of some kind such as the death of a loved one.

But no matter what kind of stress you experience, stress relief is quite possibly the best way to deal with stress. Some helpful stress relief strategies include, full body relaxation techniques, these can be tremendously helpful when dealing with stress, start by sitting back closing your eyes and taking a deep breath lose yourself in thought but try not to think about anything that does not make you happy, with each deep breath relax your muscles starting at your head and working down, before you know it, you have relaxed your entire body, this can be a very helpful tool for stress relief.

Another good idea would be to think positively about your life and your job, thinking about things with a negative attitude only increases the stress level and it does not help your situation at all, so relax and try not to worry excessively, because worrying is never good for anyone. Setting goals for yourself can also be a helpful stress relief strategy, by setting yourself goals it gives you something to work toward one step at a time, avoiding the feeling of being overwhelmed.

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